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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
In July SHARON COLEMAN "won" her case re discrimination in the workplace as she was a carer for her son and was not alowed to work around her caring needs .
At the time i was not convinced that in the end this would benefit carers at all i said many employers would be rather clever during interviews and would not employ someone who was known to be a carer and when redundancy came around carers may be amongst the first to be shown the door.
Just this weekend Lord Mandelson and leaders of the small business brigade indicated that the "law" re flexible working due to go through parliament next April may be delayed during the credit crunch this flexible working bill is to force employers to allow employees with family responsabilities (children under 16) and a caring role to work around their family needs flexible working would allow an employee to come in late leave early take days off, work from home and so on the small business leaders have said it can cost as much as 10 % more to employ someone who req flexible working

i have a flexible working arrangement with my employer, and have to say it works fairly well for me. doesnt work for the employer though, as my flexibility is wha would be called infelxibility in any other employee. we mange purely because i am i think the only one on this kind of arrangement, but i would have to say flexible working does not work if more than one or two are on it. can you imagine any busness (or organisation) managing if they cant get staff at times?calling an ambulance..no.sorry..too many staff not available so no service?
i can on this one, symapthise with the employer
due to credit crunch the over 65`s will be first to be sacked and then ? no doubt it will be those who need flexible working/part time iam sure many carers who work like this may be next on the list try and prove that your employer sacked you just because you are a carer on flexible work / part time work.