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I've made my decision

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Mand, People shouldn't have to be put in the position you and your family were. unfortunately things like that hapen quite a lot and they are depressing and annoying.
I'm hoping that I'm on the right track to make progress now. Our GP will be visiting on Monday. The day centre key worker has been chasing a lot of things up. Apparently the case was not referred to social services and according to both hospitals no social worker was involved.... I sat and helped fill in forms with a hospital social worker last Tuesday!!!!!! A case of slipping through the net!!! Hopefully I should now have equipment here early part of next week...... Watch this space!!!
Tha boy's have been fantastic, the eldest sat watching over Nan this morning for me so I could go and do the weekly shop.
Karen x
Hi Karen,
so pleased everything is fitting into place, makes life and the job easier. Sending my best wishes to you and yours, Image Image Image
It's been a hectic few days, really difficult to find time to do much!!! Quite a bit has happened in the past couple of days. The GP came out yesterday and was here for an hour, she's taken Nan off some of the meds and changed the doses of others, got some supplement drinks on prescription, also got her to look at a nasty pressure sore. GP was quite concerned about how Nan looked and when I went through the list of symptoms I'd noticed the GP said they all pointed to the kidneys deteriorating further, so she arranged for the district nurse to come and take bloods today, which she did at midday, for me to phone the surgery Fri for the results, I received a phone call tonight at half seven from the lab who were very concerned about the results showing kidney function is now about 5%. It's been a very emotional evening, Nan has decided when the time comes she doesn't want to be admitted into hospital, a decision I'm happy to respect. In the mean time I'm putting all I have, into making what time she has left as comfortable, dignified and happy as it can possibly be.
Karen x
Three words.....YOU WONDERFUL WOMAN,..... i hope you find the strength and courage your nans lucky lady to have such a devoted family by her side. My best wishes Mand
your Nan is a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful family.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((for you all)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Dear Karen & family,

God Bless you all.


I echo all the other posts, you are a wonderful family.
Bluebird x
Thank you for your support, it has really helped. The news is not good, we have a week at most. Nan has been slipping in and out of a coma all day, my heart is breaking and I keep having to take five to shed tears. Big hugs to you all.
Karen x

Thinking about you.

Lots of love,big ((((((hugs))))))