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I've made my decision

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Thanks for that advice, I sent number 1 stepson for waterproof protectors yesterday, they,re very nice silentnight ones that don't make that horrible noise every time you move. I definitely need equipment pdq, Nan was not doubly incontinent when she went into hospital!!!! This afternoon was not good, I had to enlist the help of my 17 year old son after a bowel/bladder accident, in my mind not an ideal situation. Bed to chair transfers take 3 of us. Really need to get hold of wheelchair(which they deemed unnecessay) and a commode, which was mentioned. As things stand at the minute I can't transport her to her own home to shower her. I need to speak to the GP as she has been refusing her meds as well. The near constant retching and the odd bit of vomiting is already upsetting our 7 year old, I'm not one to give up, but if this situation starts to affect him to a greater degree then we will need to rethink. At present I'm still smiling but definitely have more grey hairs!!!! Lots of teething problems at the moment, any advice/help would be much appreciated.
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Could you ask the GP for a stemetil injection for your Nan?This would stop her nausea, and he /she could show you how to give the injection yourself, if you are happy to do this. Failing that, Boots sell a bracelet thing to stop travel sickness, you put it on your Nans wrists at the pulse points, andthat should help. (I used it for morning sickness years ago, and it was great, and I got the idea from a terminally ill patient who used them to good effect)

AS with regard to your 17 year old, he is still under 18, which makes him a Young Carer. The Government insists they do not want this to happen, so perhaps the Carers Helpline could guide you there, or the CAB.

Trouble is,youngsters who grow up in a caring situation don't want to say no to supporting and caring,so your son may want to continue helping you.

Lots of love to you all,hope you get some sleep tonight x
the OT is the first port of call, tell them it's urgent, you also need to think ahead ie eqipment for standing if nans weight bearing and stuff for the bed matress to prevent sores etc..... then gp for check up and meds for nausea, what about meal suppliment drinks?, bet nans feeling happy being at home with her loved ones,what about the dentist doing a home visit bet you the teeth are in someone else's gob!!! sending my best wishes to everyone
Get hold of the OT asap, they can supply all sorts of things, including wheel chairs and pressure pads.
Also you can get ensure plus (on prescription from the gp) so if Nan isn't eating she will still be getting all the nourishment she needs drinking these.
The different priorities are interesting, aren't they?Mand65 and Myrtle are obviously seeing no1 Mum as needing that support urgently to get the support in place for her Nan, whereas I saw her two sons needing priority. The other two are right of course,it is just that I feel extremely strongly about children who are Carers,having seen my own two younger children suffer(although they do not see it that way).
Just goes to show, though, how much our lives are affected just by trying to prioritise, as all of the issues should be able to be dealt with as urgent, in an ideal society(and no 1 Mum should have access to someone who can do these phone calls and paperwork for her)

Good luck with everything today. Image
hi Karen,

Do you know that you can get incontinence pads, wipes etc on prescription ? In our area they come via the District Nurse - but ask at your Nan's GP first. You should also be able to get help with bathing her, again the GP's should be able to put you in touch with the right department.

I really hope it all works out for you.

Hi Karen

me again !

I've just got back from taking my Mum to our OT Assesment Centre - they're looking at her ability to get in and out of bath/shower. They've come up with a chair type bathlift which should make the job a lot easier (providing it fits her bath). When you do get hold of your OT team ask about bathing aids to be supplied for your home (as she will be staying with you for a while) - they should have lots of different aids available.

as before - hope all goes well

It depends on the area you live about incontinence pants and wipes, they are not provided on prescription for my Mum, but still ask. I currently spend £40.00 a week on pants, I always wondered what to spend my carer allowance on!
Hugs to all your family
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Hi All,
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and for all the support, it's been a big help.
I've spent a good portion of the day on the phone and seem to have got the ball rolling in a few different directions. I've managed to delegate a fair amount of chasing up to the Day Centre key worker, she seems to be able to get the point across to social services better than I can and also seems to be able to get them to act faster. With regards to the nausea/vomiting I have to wait until Nan has finished the meds given for a water infection as the GP is of the opinion they are the culprit. If the problem continues then the GP will look at other meds and supplement drinks, though I'm pleased to say Nan has been taking 2/3 spoons of soup every couple of hours and has taken more fluids on board.
Incontinence pads have never been a problem, Nan gets 2 packs of 35 every 2 months which have mounted up with her having spent time in hospital(for the last 12 months she was getting 2 then 4 packs alternately).
I've left word at the dentist's so should get a return call on Monday(he doesn't work on Fridays). I had visions of the lost teeth jumping out from a corner in the hospital and biting someones backside(just my weird sense of humour, though I could well believe they are lurking in someone elses gob)!!!! Image Image Image Image .
Lazydaisy, I too feel very strongly about children adopting the carers role, I don't feel it is fair for them to be put in that situation. The situation they have been placed in worries me greatly, I've been caring in one way or another since I was 7, so I can see both sides.
Nan has a lovely walk in shower cubicle at home, with grab rails and a shower stool(social services provided one after a couple of years of me badgering them). Unfortunately I live in a house and Nan can't manage stairs and I don't think social services would consider putting in a downstairs shower room, I'm lucky that we have a downstairs toilet here.
Our sitting room is now housing a bed for Nan and things seem a little crowded!!! Hopefully it won't take too long to get into a routine, I'm a little less stressed now a few things seem to be falling into place.
A big thank you for all your support,
Karen x
the post i did last night were about the feelings i experianced last year, my dad was diagnosed with a liver tumour, he had treatment to shrink the tumour which it did and gave us an extra 6-8 months with him, he came out of hospital at 6pm the last words the dr said to my dad do not climb stairs. Well have a guess where everything was, yep upstairs,the first night we used a camping toilet, we felt so isolated with no help from social services the OT gave dad a commode and mattress, we bought him a wheelchair and a stair lift was promised before dad was diagnosed well he didnot get it and had the cheek to ring 4 weeks after dad had passed away, to see if the stair lift was installed (OT was informed) 6 or 8 weeks later my twin who dad lived with rang, she had recived a phone call for an assessor to come and assess care needs, my twin said too little too late. Even the hospital where dad had treatment ( not our local), he had a terrible experiance, i wanted to put a formal complaint in, but a few family members said no. Dad was not treated with dignity and the respect that he deserves, which he got from his family, dad had a make shift bedroom in the front room, the only help and support we got was from the local hospice they are truely angels, dad spent his final days there we were greatful his young grandchildren didnot witness and he didnot complain once, a true gent and a dignified ending of life now at peace. i dont want anyone to suffer from distress, a few practical things to help arond the house and somebody at the end of the phone, and not saying no helps, hopefully things get sorted and get the help you need, sounds like your kids are little belters helping out, it's awful to witness but brings the special bond closer of your family unit. Sending my best wishes Mand