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I've made my decision - Carers UK Forum

I've made my decision

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The powers that be can only offer a care package for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. In my opinion it's not enough, Nan needs someone there 24/7, yes she is mobile to a degree, but she is very weak as she is still not eating enough or taking sufficient fluids, also she is suffering from nausea, she has lost an awful lot of weight over the past few weeks and now weighs only eight and a half stones. Her wish is to come home with me, she is tired of fighting ill health. I've never seen her this way before, yesterday she clung to me with one hand, her other hand was grasping her locket which holds a picture of herself and my Grandad. She can only speak in a whisper, she wants to hold out until my birthday has passed, she has given up and my heart is breaking.
She will be coming here on discharge, the whole house is in agreement with the decision, we had a frank discussion about the things required and we all feel that this arangement will work.
Karen x
Bless your hearts. Your a wonderful caring family. I'll be thinking of you all, espesially Nan.

Pete x
Big (((((hugs))))).

Lots of love to a wonderful brave lady (you), and to your very supportive family. Your Nan is in the best hands she could ever hope for.
In some ways it is the hardest decision to make and in others the easiest, isn't it?
You are wonderful and have a wonderful family.
You can do no more for your Nan.
Your reward will be the love and gratitude you see in her eyes.
She is a lucky lady.

Look after yourself, too.
Dear Karen,

The best of wishes to you and your family, and to your lovely Nan - for she must be a lovely person to inspire you all so much.

I hope everything works out.


What a wonderful family you all are Image

hope it all works out well

Like the others have said so well,what a loving family you have.Its not going to be an easy road though so please dont forget that we are here for you anytime.Whether it be for a casual chat or for support,the doors to the forum are always open.

Be strong
x x x
Thank you all for your kind words. I am blessed to have wonderful family around me. Last year was a mighty struggle healthwise and nearly split our family up, thankfully things worked out.
I've managed to get Nan to eat and drink more today than she has over the last week Image Image Image , which although not a lot hopefully it's a step in the right direction.
She came home from the hospital minus her walking stick and her bottom dentures!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image Image Hubby checked at the hospital today and they haven't come across them.
This morning was a struggle, I was told she was mobile, not from wher I was this morning, I had to enlist the help of my hubby and eldest son to get her out of bed into the chair.... mission accomplished eventually!!!!! Image Image Help won't be around tomorrow but I'm sure I'll get there one way or another.Karen x
A commode would be most useful at the moment!!!!!!

Get onto your OT team immediately - they will supply you with commode (and lots of other goodies to make life easier).

Otherwise if you have a T.J Hughes store near you they sell a very nice waterproof mattress protector that has a cotton quilted top - my Mum says it is very comfortable much nicer than the all plastic ones which rustle when you move in bed and which can make you hot and sticky. We've got 2 - one on the bed and one in the wash so's to speak - they launder very well and dry pretty quickly.