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I suspect foul play. - Carers UK Forum

I suspect foul play.

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Recently the check list was done for chc. I went to the care home to discus with a nurse the week before the check list. She was a senior nurse who knows my LO well. She said, yes she will definitely pass the checklist. She really needs chc.

The day before the meeting I asked the care home manager if that nurse would be present. The manager said no ‘I deal with funding’ she there will be a social worker present who will act as an advocate for you.

Come the day of the check lists, there was no advocate just me and the representative from the council care home support team. She was very abrupt and went out of her way to mark my mother down and she told me that ‘relatives opinions were of no interest to her’.

I can see why an officer in this role would want to mark my mother down as it is a funding issue.

But I also suspect that the care home manager is deliberately enabling this officer with this.
The care home manager has not replied to my emails regarding my mother’s health care and the fact she misled me about the process of the meeting. I have reported this to the CQC and actually brought a social worker into her office as a witness. She told me in front of the social worker yes I did repy to you replied back to that email. I said no I didn’t show me where you replied.

She looked at her screen for ages while I and the social worker didn’t say a word and just watched her. Then she said I have it here. I came round to look at her screen and there was one that appeared to be to me. I checked the date and it was recent. Then I checked who it addressed to. And it was actually addressed to the same officer who carried out the assessment. I pointed that out to her and she just said that that officer had asked her to copy her in with all emails between me and the care home.

One of the points I feel that my LO should get an A for is on the skin section. I won’t go into detail as to why to save time but my LO’s social worker agreed with this.

At the checklist meeting when I pointed out that my mother needs cream applied twice a day and tubby bandages as per the instructions from the sister at the leg ulcer clinic from mu LO’s previous borough , her response was that she is under this borough now. That is when she made her comment about relatives’ opinions. Complaint in the pipeline.

Back to the care home manager and the meeting with the social worker present re the email trail avoidance, one of these emails was details of the recommendations from the leg ulcer clinic and raising my concerns this not being adhered to she said speak to the nursing staff. I pointed out that I had done that it still not being done and asked her again to reply to the emails.

Then out of blue she mentioned mums cognitive state, which through me as it wasn’t relative to the conversation, but she her cognitive state is good she understands things. I said no it wasn’t (how could it be when she has advancing Alzheimer’s thinks she 19 and can dance and is taking the knowledge to be a taxi driver)
Any way getting to my point, It seems to me that the care home manager is in in collusion with the council officer who did the check list.

I can’t think why she what she would gain from this, brownie points maybe?

I will also point out the my LO’s original placement at the care home was by the NHS after multiple hospital admissions, this care home they sent her to is very far away from where she lived at the time and from where I live.
So food for thought.
Any opinions?
Hi P-J
Sounds very off colour to me. If they are neglecting the ulcer and creaming etc, that's quite serious. You could ask to see the care plan and if the treatment isn't on it then ask for a GP to attend. Have you got POA? Sorry can't remember if you have said before. If so, your opinions are very relevant and as a relative they are also relevant.
I think you have been bulldozed. What the motives are I can't guess.
I think you should start looking for a new Care Home, nearer to you. You do right to complain and make a fuss. However it's awful that anyone should have to go through that.
My sympathy.
So much for carers being 'Equal Partners In Care" eh?
Of course it is all about money: "where there's muck, there's brass'.
Probably time to call in a decent lawyer onto the case, no point messing about, hit them hard, hit them until they hate your guts, it's often the only way to get a result. You cannot make them like you, (and frankly, who cares anyway) but at least you can make them fear and respect you as a knowledgeable and determined advocate and adversary.
Dad also got turned down for CHC funding last year, his leg ulcers and pressure sores were marked down as "responding to treatment". Well here we are 10 months later still having D/N visits 3 times a week and "still responding to treatment" What does that mean- leg not fallen off yet?
Dad also had no scores on the cognition part of the checklist after assessment in August , although in October he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.
Scally , I wish I had the umph to take them on and fight but I seem too busy all the time with everything else- caring,garden, house, meals, work , paper trails, (leisure!) etc to even get my head around it.
Meanwhile coughing up £500 a month for very limited care assistance. Often get that feeling of not seeing the wood for the great dense forest.
Henrietta, get yourself advocate, or more than one even. It will help you to feel empowered and you will get your strength back.

Us carers need as much support as possible. Join the Alzheimers.org forum there is loads of information an there about nhs chc a very helpful thread about the subject plus they have a helpline who are brilliant and will point you to the relevant info and of course the helpline for Carers Uk. Very good email support recommended.

In the National framework it states 'A well managed need is still a need' they will go out of their way to stop you getting it, but take a deep breath, remember there is a lot of support out there and take it one stop at a time.

https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... rsing-care

Just wanted to say that you might want to get a carers advocate if you can, not someone from social services who has just been labelled as an advocate for convenience prior to the meeting you mentioned. A carers advocate would represent your wishes and knows your rights.
I've had cause to engage them twice now and both times have had positive results.

I've had problems with care homes in the past although these were private ones as the council run one was closed down to save money.
The CQC took my complaint on and had an equally poor response to emails and letters as I had had. My complaint also involved the care home not administering cream to my mum's legs and the reason they gave for this was that it wasn't needed. It was a preventative measure. This was just the tip of the iceberg.

I would get power of attorney too as that has made a difference in my mother no longer being directly confronted to accept what she had previously indicated she didn't want and being made to cry as a result.
After the power of attorney they came after me instead and tried to find spurious safeguarding issues to get round the power of attorney.

It doesn't matter what route we take to get the best for our LO we are bound to come up against bullies and jobsworths, liars and manipulators.
Be as aware as you can ahead of everything you do so that you are prepared and ready for their next move.

Good luck with everything.
Hi Scruffy, have just found your post.... due to the fact I am up to the neck with studying out rights and reply to all mess that the revent bodies have left us in due to not adhearing to guidlines.... your post so true!!

Thank you for your wise words of support