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Difficulty finding character references - Carers UK Forum

Difficulty finding character references

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I recently started the process of applying for a volunteer position and I'm currently struggling to find any appropriate character references. I've been a full-time carer for my mother for the past several years and have lost contact with all of the relevant people from my previous employment (changed jobs & location several times or companies no longer exist). I contacted my mothers GP in the hope they would be willing to provide one but they have a policy against it, I also considered trying her social worker but in recent years she essentially has a random/different worker each time.

Due to the nature of the position, animal welfare, I feel it's important to provide respectable references but also ones somewhat relevant to the work so I'm hesitant to just use family members who are aware of the care I've been providing. I'm not really sure where else to consider looking now so I was hoping if anyone has been in/seen a similar situation they may have some advice.

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions, it's greatly appreciated.

You need someone who has known you for some time Joe, and who is willing to swear that as far as they know you are a nice chap. Any neighbours, old friends or ex colleagues? Anyone you see socially? If it's a character reference then they don't need to comment on your work ethic, just that you are a good, reliable person.
Hope you find that person.