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I need advice urgently

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Thanks. Would that mean Nan would have to go back into hospital? She has said to us that despite being sad in there (she cried over the phone more than once) she thought it best to stay there until she was better sadly I'm not sure she will get better.

Mum seems to think the hospital have covered their backs by leaving the decision of whether she could come home up to us and whether we could cope. They did suggest carers (which kept telling them we couldn't afford) but the impression they gave was that she was back to how she was before she was taken in.
Why are you saying you can't afford carers?? To start with under ANY circumstances they are FREE for 6 weeks, which the hospital should have explained, and after that if she had limited savings Social Services pay for the carers, not you! There should be a Reablement or hospital Discharge Team at Social Services. Get them involved.
I had no idea that you could have carers for free for any length of time. The Hospital certainly did not explain that any of the three times she has been in. After hurting her hip last year a social worker came saying we could split the cost of carers but he needed to see the deeds of the house which upset my Nan as she thought it meant they'd take the house away to cover the cost so she said no.

Thanks again for the advice. I'll get on it first thing.
I suppose you will have to consider putting her in a care home. There must be other options you can explore.