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I'm still here and still not getting any help - Carers UK Forum

I'm still here and still not getting any help

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Just to say I am still around still hanging on, getting zero help in my caring situation which because of the social care cuts are getting worse and worse.
The welfare freeze is really beginning to bite here, my caree's are getting worse and needing more support but the support is just getting cut right back.
It is been months since I have had any sort of time off and there is no prospect of any help.
The government just don't seem to realise what they are doing basically picking on the disabled when they should be helping the disabled more.
As the Guardian says , Social care is in crisis and heading for meltdown.
Hi Londonbound

Actually, I think the coalition knows exactly what it's doing. It's shifted the blame for the economic crisis from those who really caused it onto the shoulders of the unemployed, the disabled, etc. It's called divide and conquer, and it's worked.
Sorry to be so pessimistic, that doesn't help you.
Hi London bound not sure where you live in London. I am not sure if you have a local Carers centre who may be able to help. Have you contacted social services about having a Carers assement. Please don't feel that you are alone sending you ((((hugs))).
That is simply not acceptable. Make a formal complaint to your LA, contact your mp, ask if you have to go to the press to get what you are entitled to? That one can work within hours with some organisations.!
Basically what help am I entitled to, I need a break but if there is no replacement services then I cannot have a break.
Legally carers are not entled to help until the new care bill comes in 2015.
The services are being cut , the caree's still need the services, the burden is just increased onto the unpaid carers.
I have talked to people about my situation, can't someone else do it, well I am the someone else. And If I didn't do it the caree's would be in a right mess.
I can go through complaints but I like many carers just don't have the time to go through a long year plus complaints procedure, to get no help at the end.
The solution as carers organisations say is more help for the carers but the carers only need help because of the increased burden and lack of help.
I know of some carers do get a lot of help but equally carers who get no help, I am also helping a carer as they get no help, it gives them a break but how do I get a break?
And who looks after my carees while i get a break?
I'm sorry to hear you aren't getting anywhere with social services. I don't know who you are caring for and their conditions, but wondered if you could get any help from the voluntary sector to get some time out.
I cared for my elderly dad and, before he went into a care home, I found that Age UK had a local day centre he could go to (they collected him) and WRVS had a befriending service (a lovely lady would come and have a cuppa and a chat with Dad or took him out for an hour).
I'm sure others here will have used the voluntary sector for other conditions too.
Hope this helps.
There is also Crossroads (now merged with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and renamed Carers Trust see here - http://www.carers.org/merger)

they can provide help and support too (usually for a fee). If you check their website you can see if they are active in your area. I did approach them for help with Mum (I was looking for someone to 'Mum sit' for a few hours a week to give me a break, they were very helpful although in the end we opted for a Day Centre placement one day a week).
The problem is that I have not been told of any of these organisations, I have been assesed and thats it no services have been provided or any info where to go.
so yes I think these organisations exist, but whether the person I look after would want befriending services.
But there is still the constant demands of caring , cleaning, laundry, hospital trips, giving me an hour or 2 of help just isn't enough.
I am just permently exhausted.
Have you got a copy of your carees assessment, and your own Carers Assessment. If not, ask for a copy. Is it accurate, up to date? Where needs are described as critical, the LA MUST provide them.
I have a copy of the carees assessment and a copy of my carers assessment, nothing say anything about critical so thats maybe why I am not getting any help.
What are critical needs?

But it's all the unmet needs that are increasing, the waiting lists are getting longer, problems with equipment, taking weeks to fix etc.