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I`m in the news....again.... - Carers UK Forum

I`m in the news....again....

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Evening Chronicle letters, November 9 2010
Nov 9 2010
Evening Chronicle
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IAIN Duncan Smith, work and pensions secretary, will force the unemployed to "work" for their benefits.

A minimum of 30 hours’ manual work per week will be required or they will lose their jobseekers allowance. They call this a new initiative.

Could I remind the minister that we now have in place a benefit that is conditional on the claimant working a minimum of 35 hours per week and if not they receive no benefit at all.

What is this benefit?

It is the carers’ allowance set at £53 per week. This is the lowest benefit payable (lower than jobseekers allowance).

Could I also remind the minister that his own Centre for Social Justice, in its report, Broken Britain, more than two years ago, said the carers’ allowance was far too low at £50 per week and should be doubled, yet it and carers have been ignored by the minister in his benefit reform.

GEORGE HERSCHEL, Northumberland.

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good letter George, hey, we forum members are really making some waves, arent we?
Now lets ask him if he and the other MPs can prove they actually work 30 hrs a week as opposed to merely filling the lobbies like nodding dogs when there is a three line whip ... (red faces around some of the back benches, I suspect) Image
George for PM Image Image

Seriously, well done mate

Yes well done George, let us hope more carers and disabled people are inspired to pick up the phone or write to their local newspapers or contact the BBC. Image. Image Image
Good for you George, excellent letter.
Well said George.very good letter.
Well done George!
If things are to change we will need to keep the pressure up!
marie x