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I'm having a weeks respite - Carers UK Forum

I'm having a weeks respite

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I've finally done it arranged respite after 7 years. Tomorrow my Peter goes into a care home. I haven't told him yet as I am not finding it easy to leave him for the week. I will be driving to see my son and 3 sisters who I don't see very often. I am excited and also feel sick at finally having a little freedom.
I haven't been feeling very well. I am old and been feeling totally worn out with the washing and work.I know I had to get a break. I will tell him in the morning otherwise we both won't get any sleep tonight.
Now I have taken the plunge I will see how he is when he gets back home and hopefully get more respite.
look after yourselves carers.
love from Adeliene
Have a lovely few days. It will probably take you 24 hours to wind down, just accept your emotions and your exhaustion as part of the respite after so long. You will soon start to enjoy your little break and seeing your family again. x
As LazyD has said, the worry is normal. Enjoy the time with your family. x x
Have a really good rest Adeliene - you deserve it Image

I will be interested to know how it goes and how Peter re-acts to the care home as we're trying to get Mum to agree to go into one for a week or so, so that I can get a longer break. I'm having a couple of days at the end of next week when my sister can come and stay with her but it would be nice to get a 'proper' holiday !
Have a lovely week off. Image
Have a good time. Image
I thought it was this weekend you were going susie!
Try and enjoy your precious break.
Ah, good for you, Adeliene! I'm sure that you will have a great time. I understand the old and worn out feeling, as other do too....having had my mother in intermediate care, I feel so much better - not so worn out! I do hope it works for you, too xx
Thanks carers for all your kind wishes. I will let you know how things go. love from adeliene