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Morning All, well I've just booked my Dad in at the Day Care Unit at our Local Hospital. He had to be there for 7am and bearing in mind he had a pre op assessment Tuesday of last week they staff there just hadn't got a clue. First I was told once he had been booked in I could only stay until his name was called, they then realised he can't walk so a transfer from wheelchair to bed would have to take place. Then suddenly i was allowed through to the treatment ward where Dad promptly told me he needed the loo. Upon being told this the nurse on duty bought me a bottle, now considering my dad is in to have a pubic catheter insertion of which she had already gone through the procedure with me I was "gobsmacked" I explained that he needed it the "other way" and she pointed out the toilet door. I again explained that my Dad cannot walk and was told they didn't have a glide about commode and that the least I could have done was padded him up prior to bringing him in. By this time the Red Mist was a flaming great crimson cloud. I firmly told her my Dad wasn't stupid and wished to go to the loo in the same way that other folk do and that due to his disability (no use in left arm or leg) he had to use a glide about to go over the normal loo. Thankfully the surgeon doing this procedure made an appearance, apologised and ORDERED them to go to another ward and find a glide about. In his apology he said that they were Agency Nurses and weren't as good as the hospital employed ones. I politely told him the apology wasn't accepted as it was somewhat a poor excuse agency or not they are still nurses and get paid well for doing so. I was left to sort my Dad's toileting out and get him undressed and into his theatre gown, they then asked if I would stay to transfer him to the theatre trolley as Health & Safety didn't allow them to lift alone. I exploded and told them the forms for the Op had all been signed and Dad was now well & truly under their care so they should ensure that the lifts were done professionally and that his safety and not theirs was adhered to at all times and I was now going to sort out my elderly Mum and would return when they phone to say he his ready. I am now awaiting the call but am already aware that when I return I have to get him dresses an ready for the car journey home - thank the Lord my Hubby has booked a days holiday to help me because I'm so angry and upset I feel alone I could not be responsible for my actions Grrrr!!!!!!!!!! - sorry for the rant folks but this is just appalling xx
Appalling yes, but oh, so common Image
what a nightmare for you.
No excuse at all,that the nurses were agency ones. When I was nursing, if agency nurses were on the ward they all worked very hard and were competent in what they did.
Well folks glad to report that he is now sitting at home in his comfy chair, the procedure was only minor but you can never be too sure given his condition and his age.... Staff Nurse on the ward where we collected him from was a world of difference from this morning, they had him dressed and ready and were trying to persuade him to have a cup of tea and a biscuit which he politely declined!!!!! - but he's had his lunch now and says he's not in any pain and is happy to join Mr Hitler yet again on The History Channel LOL xxxxxx
That's great Image
Glad to see it turned out ok

x x
Glad all is well, but you could have done without the trauma.xx
Glad it turned out okay in the end.

The last time my hubby was in as a day patient the hoist didn't have a battery and I had to trek all the way back to the car because they didn't have a slide board either Image
Hello JHR57,

Yes you were absolutely right to expect proper care for your dad the agency nurses should be trained in moving & handling by law so make sure you put in a full complaint otherwise some other poor so on so will be put through the same nightmare necessarily Palls should provide the route to place the complaint into.

Well done though for keeping your cool we as carers have this experience all the time our new doctor locally is also of the ''can't or won't be bothered mentality'' I simply remind him when needed that his job does involve patient care, much to his surprise I am sure... But I couldn't believe those agency nurses bless them, (clueless) asked you, to help move your dad back onto the trolly as they aren't allowed to (health & safety) you handled that particularly well ! I suppose as carers we now also need to organise the NHS as they clearly have no idea how to organise themselves. I will keep that experience in mind for future reference.

Well done for getting though for getting through it, & do get that complaint in after the bank holiday to PALS it might save some other poor carer in the same position as you, take care, Paul .
When my son was in a children's hospital after his spinal fusion operation at the age of 13 we had nurses walk away in the middle of a hoisting saying that it was time for their tea break (leaving my son hanging there in pain). He had been opened up from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine, 2 metal rods and donated bone inserted and then stitched up again. He ended up in pain because his morphine machine ran out and when I was all over the ward trying to find someone to top up his pain medicine I was told that they couldn't find the pain relief doctor and ''It is Christmas you know''. There was no accessible toilet on the floor where he was being nursed. It was expected that he be taken up in the lift that everyone in their outdoor clothes and shoes etc used (thus exposing him to a risk of infection) and use the toilet 4 floors up - which did not have a hoist. He ended up using a bedpan which I or his dad had to empty in the sluice room as god forbid that any nurse should have to deal with something as inconvenient as poo! On another occasion I had written to the hospital to make sure that hoists etc were in place before his admission. Got there and guess what no hoist. I had to go combing round other wards myself to find a hoist which had not been charged (I am disabled myself so cannot operate a manual hoist). My husband and I were at the hospital until after midnight as we had to put son to bed ourselves (nurses claimed not to able to operate the hoist) and they did not know how to connect him up to his ventilator etc (or so they said). We had to be back up at the hospital again for 6am to get him out of bed, washed and dressed and back into his power chair to go home. Yes we put in a formal complaint - not that it did much good.