My daughter, now 15 has always been hard work and agressive
At the age of 3 I was told she was hyperactive.
Things have got harder and harder.
Finaly at the age of 13 i couldnt do it alone anymore and managed to get heard, we had children social care work with us.
They said it was over their head and we went to Team 8, then team 4.Last year team 4 admitted it was above them and said it was for social services. they visited and said she wasnt at risk - dont worry about me!!!
Finally team 4 signed us off to force social services to take us on,
We had child in need meeting, followed by care diversion ones, on the last one i turned up with bruises and scratches so they signed me off as they said they couldnt foster a child out with this leve of violence.
I am living alone with her, my father died suddenly 2 years ago so i dont feel it fair to involve my mum as she has attacked her since.I have no other family.
She is on medication for ADHD, she doesnt go to school regularly, they have even bent to collecting her in a car on good days.
She abuses me verbally daily not saying a word other than an aggressive or swear one for the last 9 days.
She goes through phases like last last night of running off and i have to report as missing.
Last week she was drunk by 7pm, i had a call from someone and when i drove to her she could hardly stand but was so agressive towadrs me i had to 999 it.
Ive had her arressted last year when she physically attacked me so badly in the home.
I have had locking doors put on my upstairs rooms so i can lock away.
My health is sufferring and i really believe she is putting herslef at risk when being a size 8 and petitie she is out alone till 11pm or later and sees no danger.
My support worked who has been working with me for 8 months fuly supported me yesterday when i said i was going to make a call today to say i can no longer live with her, she said they dont know how i have for this long.
My problem is i am waiting for return calls now and despite how it is, i know how im going to feel when this happens if it does, but i think if i act now hopefully shell be shocked ito reality ,if i leave it till she is 16 in 6 months time she will just slide further down the slope/