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i'm a scrounger!

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thank u lot so god damn much!
i took action, i called the benfits fraud line and spoke to them, she asked me to forward the message and she would phone me back, she sid this isnt normal proceedure but "you sound so upset my dear let me look in to it for you" well she did phone back the next day. she said im doing nothing wrong, and she read the message to be disciminating and intimidating and her advice was that any thing else like this should be taken to the police. She said he can phone and report me for benefit fraud and i iwll have an interview under caution but as im doing nothing wrong dont worry.
wots making it worse is some of the things he said I only told my mum so guess who his been talking to? rahter than cause trouble im just keeping my distance, keeping mouth shut and when im not so angry then i will talk to her about it and point out blood should b thicker than water. and as this isnt hte first time shes been rather back stabbing and caused trouble will maybe suggest a rather long cooling off period.
Ive just got internet and everything set up- been slightly jammy, phoned sky and said i cant afford instillation and am very skint but as a carer the internt is my social life lol- not only got free instillation but also got a few months half price! just goes to show u cant keep me cooped up with nothing for to long! lol
The world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it Rin. Keep your head up girl. Luv and hugs. x x
Good for you Rin.

I love a cunning plan...........especially if it gets you something for nowt from Sky!!

Take care
they will slap the charges on slyly over the next few months! nothing comes for free but it means im not so cut off !

and the phone line is noce, can phone out but not in lol- but im not going to say anything to sky as they have done me a huge favour so will just see if it sorts its self out over the next few days

still rather fumming at matts brother and sent a message to my mum, nothing nasty, i cant be nasty to her shes my mum and have requested shes rather careful wot she says to him and i didnt tell her wot he said about amy as i dont want her to then argue with him as he will then get very nasty to her and she dont need that.
as i dont want her to then argue with him as he will then get very nasty to her and she dont need that.
Above comment just goes to show what a lovely person you are and what a dipstick Matt's brother is not to see it.

Well done on the sky! Image Image
Maybe better not to mention anything that's said, to your mum for the time being. Play cool, keep all the 'talk' to yourself (or at least tell your teddy bear!), it just aggravates things and second hand tales are not the best, truthful ones of how it is.
Let it wash over you, all the cr*p things being said, ignore all the back-chat from relatives, it only makes things worse. Things will calm down, less will get said and you'll soon be 'forgotten about'. It's just so fresh for everyone at the moment and everyone's angry and bitching and biting.

Stay quiet, stay cool, stay out of it and leave them to it. You don't have to get involved in any of it and if they see that you're not involved or rising to the bait, they'll get fed up and stop.

Take care little friend, love to the three of you (and teddies).
fran hun, thats excactly wot im doing, sister and hubby both have got rather nasty status'es on facebook and although i could comment im not going to.. ive figured its alot more annoying to ignore some one when they r being actually quite discriminating than try to fight my corner, my corner is quiet, comfy and at the moment an empty pack of sainsbury economy jaffa cakes- they r hightly recommended and only a few pence lol

Im not even going to remove them from my facebook, leave them on there an just not say a word.
That's it, girl. They're expecting and will feed off a reaction. When you don't react, they've got nothing to do have they?

Glad you're getting on.

Take care.

ps have you seen 'my' cows? They'll cheer you up, so cute.
it is pathetic.Pixie you are just incredible.You have enough to cope with,While the heat on so called fraud is in full go,we,even as a tight fisted budget happens,are engaged in yet another war,libia,this time,we cannot afford.if thats sanity,it is pathetic.