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i'm a scrounger! - Carers UK Forum

i'm a scrounger!

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yup been told by matts brother that i am
amy is nothing to do with him, she isnt family and thats really hurt

yes ive had to go private, ive borrowed money, not a crisis loan or anything off a friend. and i iwll have to pay all the rent this month as nothing will be sorted in time, and then it should be about £400 a month to pay at the most apparantly.
but im a scrounger
im not getting any grants because i dont want the hand outs
all thats important is amy and cerys dont go with out anything they need.

i have never felt so bloody awful, me and matt said we will see how things go between us, if it works it does, if it doesnt it doesnt. but at least we know we did try and its not for the kids either its for us.

His borther doesnt like any one on benefits of any kind, its all hand outs and scrounging. I didnt feel bad at all until now

now i feel pathetic and almost dirty because if wot he has said. is it because me and matt are getting along ok? is it because im quite capable of just doing things and getting on with it all? dunno but im furious he has said amy isnt family and im seeing now why his wife had enough of him. when cerys goes to nursery i iwll go back to work, ok i know it will b part time but i'll go and do well at wot ever i do. And to top it off i think my mum and sister are also jumping on the "u r a scrounger" band wagon
yet i know some one who just got a very large grant for a holiday, her welfare oficer sorted it out, she dont take her kids to school so she got this woman sent to the house and now gets more than everything. when i know folks on here that just want half hour break it dont happen, otheres r getting huge hand outs.
am so god damn annoyed can not put it in words!
Dear Rin,
You hold your head up!You are doing a tough job,you made a hard decision but you are standing by it.
My sister was once where you are.(except she had one child,and she wasn't a Carer for a disabled child).Her son is now 21,and a lovely young man.My sister went back to work when she could,and also helped set up the local Gingerbread group.She was helped back to work through a college course, and in no way has she ever been a scrounger. She just needed help until she was able to go out to work,which was when her son went to secondary school.
None of us know how our lives will turn out,we could all need help and support at some point in our lives.
The important people in your life, are you, Amy and Cerys.You will get through,and your beautiful girls will grow up to have the best Mum in the world,and will be so proud of the way you have coped.
Rin, the problems lie within the others NOT yourself. You are a damn good mother and just now you are going through a rough time, doing the best you can for your girls.
Ignore the comments they are making.
So am I apparently and you know what, I really do not care what ignorant people who do not know me or anything about my life think, I and the people who know me know the truth, the rest do not matter. Ignore them, Rin, stick with the people who you really know and trust and who know and trust you, life is hard enough without allowing people who really do not care or matter to get to you.
Another one here according to some folk!

Rin ignore them your main job at the moment is looking after your 2 beautiful girls x
Well Rin now you know what to get Matts brother for Christmas. A years subscription to the Daily Mail!!!!
Well Rin now you know what to get Matts brother for Christmas. A years subscription to the Daily Mail!!!!
Ouch! a punishment worse than death ...
ignoramouses (sp?) for long. x
Round here we spell that "rat" Image
Ignore him Rin, he's obviously a 'ratmouse' (curtesy of Ex and Rob lol) who cannot see a good, honest, hardworking person right under his nose! And a year's subscription is far to light a punishment!

Seriously though, people like that are not worth a second of your time worrying over what they said. After all, if he put himself in your shoes, would he think HE was a scrounger or would he think he was 'special case'?
And the comments others make say more about them than they do about those they make them to.

From one 'scrounger' to another...........chin up girl!!
Like the others have said Rin- ignore him - he's not worth your time or attention.
Someone once said "Those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"

You will always be head and shoulders above anyone like him Image