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I have had to involve PALS

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I think everyone in this thread has helped so far, the meeting for the complaint to be heard is on Thursday at 2, so I will return and let you know. I won't and refuse to have just an apology, this is a serious complaint that they have to deal with and I have all the documents they have put into writing to me from over the last 3yrs, and ones that my GP has written to them. I won't back down and in the future ALL meetings with take place elsewhere I am sure about that, the thing is, Barrie needs his fortnightly injection and hes rigid to..........I HAVE ALWAYS HAD SOMEONE COME TO ME.........well........he does have a choice, but it makes it harder for someone to be here that is not biased as its just me or a family member.....any suggestions?
Some GP surgery practise nurses will give depots,they do not have to be given by CPNs, it might be worth talking to your GP about it if you could get to the surgery once a fortnight. I do not think this comes within the DN's remit so it would probably mean they could not be given at home but your GP might be able to arrange for a DN to administer it, certainly worth discussing with him I would have thought.
Yes, that can happen, but for over 30 yrs my hubby has had his injection at home, it offers him a change to talk [well, it did before this CPN took over]
If he gets unwell, and we are under the surgery its a long proccess to get anything done, it means I have to contact the GP that then has to contact PETHERTON were the phyc team is based, then they have to get someone out to assess him to see if they think they CRISIS team should be called out to ASSESS HIM........... Image oh dont ask me..............I think its all a load of bumpkum. How can strangers assess someone to say hes well or unwell? surely my word counts for something? after all, its not like I have anything to gain to say...........hes ill.......oh quick get him into hospital, because that never happens, we have always looked after and struggled at home thru his illness...........THEY told me to shout if I need them next time..........I shouted............they denied, humiliated me, made stories up, just made me feel like a secound class person in my own home, well..........tomorrow is the big day,we shall see
Hi Sue,
the government did actually did issue a directive (I think it was 2009) that all health professionals must take notice of carers and relatives when doing anything for/about a person.
It states that those closest should not be ignored.
Of course it only being a directive then it's not law and is subject to interpretation by individuals.

It's a terrible situation for you when everyone with the power to help stand together to do the opposite.
I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction soon, none of us need this stress.
take care