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Government drive to ensure 'every older person matters' - Carers UK Forum

Government drive to ensure 'every older person matters'

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Government drive to ensure 'every older person matters'

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/ ... icservices

Every hospital ward and home in England is to be urged by the government to review its practices to deliver dignity in care for older people.

The care minister, Ivan Lewis, is to embark on a nationwide tour where he will challenge managers to ensure that the standards they deliver would be good enough for their own parents.

Lewis told the Guardian last night he intended to use 2008 to deliver what amounts to an "every older person matters" campaign, adapting the government's "every child matters" drive.

"Demographic change is one of the greatest challenges for our society. Having revolutionised social care, Labour's new social justice frontier must be elderly care: strengthening support to the increasing number of family members caring for elderly relatives, and supporting older people to retain control over their own lives, with dignity at the heart of all care services.

"In the same way that the Children's Plan will shape the future of our country, the way we treat older people will determine its character. This year will see the most radical shake-up of older people's services for a generation."

On Monday Caring Choices, a coalition of 15 charities and campaign groups, led by the King's Fund, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Help the Aged and Age Concern, will deliver the findings of a nine-month inquiry into long-term care. A green paper on long-term care is planned for later in the year.

The government believes it has a good story to sell on long-term care, one that has wider political resonance. Demographic issues, not least the postwar baby bulge, are being cited regularly by senior Labour figures. This week Stephen Byers, the former cabinet minister, told the Guardian that Gordon Brown must grab the agenda for those in or nearing retirement. They were the "new frontier of the welfare state". He said the 58-and-overs were likely to make up a majority of voters at the next election.

Later this year Brown will unveil a "new deal" for carers, to support them and their relatives. From April the government will role out plans to give families entitled to state help control over their own social care budgets - a move designed to ensure low-income families have the same rights as the better-off.

Those just above the threshold for state support will be entitled to quality advice, including hotel-style star ratings to help families choose quality care homes. Local authorities are being asked to commission care only from agencies that can guarantee older people will be treated with dignity. And the government is looking at new laws to beef up the protection of elderly people against abuse.

Lewis will challenge health and care professionals to ensure older people are treated with respect. He will ask them to decide: "If the quality of care isn't good enough for my mother or father it shouldn't be acceptable for somebody else's."

iam not happy with that section which states low income families entitled to sate help will control their budgets to me it means we will go down the route of means tested benefits why talk about families the care should be for the disabled person and have nothing to do with what family members earn as you know in my case i have a private pension so under this plan we would not get anything therfore my own pension would be used to subsidise the old dolls care .
we do not get any state help at all at this moment in time and it looks as though we will get less next year also how can they say what they are going to do when the review of which carers uk is part of has not even repoprted yet

they are right about the 58 ers many carers both male and female are in that age group and we have got to push governent as hard as we can and as i keep saying all we ask for is a rise in the carers allowance and not one carer should lose out when review is published.

And how long is it going to take for any of these proposals to be actioned. 4 months on I'm still waiting for my 'telephone carers assessment'. DWP still haven't given an answer on the Higher Attendance Allowance - but managed to send 2 letters saying it was being looked into.
Perhaps they'd like to spend a couple of weeks doing a job evaluation - mind, they'd need to stay awake at night to check how many times I get up to see to Mum.
talking about sleep the old doll gets up on average about 5 times a night thats after midnight she has both osteoporosis and paggets disease (its a bit of the oposite of osteoporosis bone growth increases ) so if she has a fall big trouble so ive just got to help and guide her into bathroom but it all takes time and as usual no sleep for me however in the afternoons the old doll watches her soaps on sky+ and i get 2/3 hours kip and as an ex night shift worker that does me normaly

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