I had a Good Christmas.

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We had a good Christmas and I am not ashamed that we did.
Pat's had a very hard life with all her ills and Never moan's that's where i get my inspiration not to moan.
Yes went to one of our Son's homes on Christmas day and other family members there to also 5 Grandchildren.
Boxing day our youngest Son and wife came to us and his 3 children also one of the day's our daughter came with her 2 children.
We all went to a restaurant on Sunday we all celebrated New years eve at our Son's house we had all our 10 Grandchildren there and last night we all celebrated one of our son's 40th birthday at a Chinese restaurant.
One very good Christmas and New year.
Glad you had a good one..............so did we Image
Nice to hear you all had a good time John.

We had a good Christmas too,just New year that was rotten with us being ill.

x x
Hi Rosemary
We were ill both been to the hospital and Doctor's but made our minds up that wasnt going to stop us enjoying ourselves still coughing but getting better we have been like it for 2 week's and Pat's diabetes complicates thing's but after 42 years of it Pat just's plods on we had a good time but didn't always feel well but that's life.
I'm so glad you both had a good Christmas John, you both deserve it.

We were lucky with the great niece/nephews - the one that didn't visit us over Christmas was the one who caught head lice Image Image

Paula xx
Glad you both had a good time, John. Here's looking forward to a better year.
Glad that you both had a lovely Xmas John - you both deserved it !