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I feel like a rant - Carers UK Forum

I feel like a rant

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I feel fed up. My wife, who is paralysied on her left side, can be difficult to live with at times. She is difficult to get to bed at night and even harder to get up in the morning. I work full time from home and this causes me problems as I never start on time and am always tired. This morning she wouldn't get up at all, so I let her sleep until lunchtime and then got her up. It mean't that I didn't get a break at lunchtime. She then set off out for the afternoon with a friend, while I carried on working.
Sorry . . . I just had to have a rant. I know there are other people out there with bigger problems. It's just that I never seem to get a break. Even the weekends are taken up by taking my wife out shopping all day on Saturday and to church and more shopping on Sunday.
After all that, my wife isn't a bad person. I think that she dosen't realise that she is doing it most of the time. I am just having one of those feeling sorry for myself days.
Hi Derek,
Sometimes it's just good to get it off your chest.
Must be something in the water this week, I feel the same !
Its good to rant don't bottle up up it will end up exploding
The Forum is a great place to let off steam.Better out than in. Image Image Image
If you can't rant on here where else can you, we all been there, we all have a good days and bad days but the summer is coming a bit of warm sunshine and things sometimes feel a bit better, well at least in the summer you can go outside and have a good shout and not get cold.
Thanks for all of your comments.

I feel a bit better now - I've got my days shopping over (yuch!) me and ready for a new day . . . until next time.
Hi Derek and welcome,

it's a great place this forum - everyone understands that it is possible to love our carees very much but also need to rant about them too. So no one on here judges.

Getting a break is a big issue to many of us.

Juggling working and caring is not at all easy.

Have you had a carer's assessment?

Hi Melly1

I am not sure if I have had a carer's assessment done or not. I have been a carer for my wife for about 9 years now and she does get regular visits from her social worker, so I assume that they must have checked all of our needs at some stage during that time.
Derek, if you don't know you've had one - you probably haven't. And I really don't recommend that you assume that they've checked all your needs. If they haven't asked you, then they haven't done it.

How long is this going to go on for before you get so ill, either mentally or physically, that you can't care for your wife any more? After juggling working full time and caring (at one stage I was supporting 5 close relatives all with highest rate DLA. One by one they died - then I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and I'm only here due to the skill of a surgeon. I shall always believe that this developed because I hadn't had a holiday for 25 years and never ever had any spare time to recharge my batteries. You need help now so that you can balance your need to work with the needs of your wife. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Let us know how you get one. Take care.