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I know this sounds awful, but... - Carers UK Forum

I know this sounds awful, but...

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...I've just put my car into the garage for service and MOT and I probably won't get it back till tomorrow. I feel so liberated! Without my car, I'm not at everyone's beck and call - I won't have to take yet another sackload of the mother-in-law's QVC parcel returns to the post office. I won't have to drive down the motorway to my dad's because he needs me to read some really important piece of mail right now (which will turn out to be junk). I won't have to drive to Tesco because we've run out of some random grocery items. Instead, I'm going to go home on the bus and catch up on a few little jobs I've been putting off, like icing last year's Christmas cake and replacing the circuit board on Henry hoover. Rock and/or Roll!!
It doesn't sound awful at all.

You really do need more "ME" time
That sounds very engineering! Replacing circuit board on Henry vac. Hope you find some time to rest and maybe doze.
I've been caught out with qvc returns. Not free are they, so that must be costing a bomb. Not quick on refunding either.
Won't risk again.
Maybe your car should make imaginary visits to the garage more frequently, to give you a break?
Just had a call from the garage:

Garage guy: I've sent you over a summary of all the work that needs doing before we re-test.
Me: Yeah, that's all cool, go ahead and do it all.
Guy: Do you need it back urgently today?
Me: Oh good God, no. By close of play tomorrow will be fine. Don't worry, no rush...

Think the guy was totally confused to be speaking to someone so not bothered - most customers are screaming that they need their car back NOW or even sooner and for that matter why haven't you got a time machine so I can have it back this morning because with the amount I'm paying you should be able to invent and build one - he'll probably go home to his kids tonight and tell them the bedtime story all about the lady who didn't really care when she got her car back...
Haha Pope Pourri - Hubby had to give up driving years ago; I cannot drive (eyesight not good enough) so as carer I have often thought it would be such a help to have the convenience of car when needed instead of relying on taxis.

However, after reading your post I feel positively liberated :lol:
Pope, Your car sounds as if it needs loads of work. I think it could be in the garage for at least a week and even if you do get it back there could be another job to do on it. Like next weekend? Do you park it in a garage at your house? In which case it would be 'in the garage' if you left it there a little while, wouldn't it?
Just a thought!
I'd be lost without my wheels, as I live in the New Forest with an irregular bus service half a mile away.

My eldest son is a Land Rover enthusiast so there is a choice in my garden. My husband and I bought "GYD" - part of the reg number, in 1976, when it was 16 years old, no synchromesh changing down into first, and I never did master "double declutching" properly.
Eldest son says it's his now and he changed the engine, but the "new" engine came out of the Range Rover which was written off when I was in a head on smash. So GYD looks really rough, it wouldn't look the same if we repainted it, but it now flies like a Range Rover, apparently. I'm covered to drive it, but haven't done so for years. I once towed a 16ft caravan to Fairford for a steam rally, never again.
My favourite is a white short wheelbase with larger than average tyres, even at 5ft 10in I can only just get in. I'm allowed to drive that when my car is being serviced/MoT'd.
I'm sure a very important part must be on order and not expected to arrive until.....? ;)
Or even a vague "it really doesn't feel right, I might have to take it back..."

It's ages since we've had a funny thread, lets see how many excuses we can dream up for this car!