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I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail.

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Just had a thought How would they be able to tell the difference between a childs pushchair and a disabled childs pushchair. (my friends disabled son had one when he was a kid and they do look similar.)
As for stuff exploding in the heat,Well they would also explode if they were inside the flat wouldnt they? I dont want him to get stressed and end up having another heart attack or angina attack over this stress. Why do they keep sending these letters out?
Surely it would help to say in these letters that wheelchairs and scooters would not be removed.
Diva, you need to make sure that first you have a copy of that letter to hand, and second that you contact them to make absolutely sure that the people coming to clear the area understand that it is not to be moved.

Or some numpty will move it.

But first check to see if everyone else has had the letter.
Can a HA dispose of tenants' property? I rather think that it cannot and I would check this out. A HA may be able to remove a tenant's property on H&S grounds or other limited grounds but my understanding is that it has to then notify the tenant that it has been removed and give him/her the option to collect it, a storage fee may be charged.
Hubby doesnt want me to phone the HA . in case they suddenly decide to withdraw permission. Hes sick of having to keep phoning them and racking up the phone bill for other things as well as this. Im considering phoning them while hes at the day centre tommorrow but that will only cause a row if the HA phone me back later cos he doesnt want me to phone them. The letter was typed/dated 5th December but only arrived yesterday (Saturday) im suspicious that it was held back deliberately. It says they will be removing items in the next ten days. But it is not clear whether that will mean ten days from the date of the letter or ten days from when you recieve it.
Its always something with them usually every December,every bloody Christmas. hubby thinks the permission letter should be enough. I would rather phone them though.
I'm sorry to say that they CAN do this if they want to.

The way that they see it is that a mobility scooter is only going to be used while you are out and about as opposed to a wheelchair - which can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also within their rights to request that you don't store the mobility scooter in their property at all (there's a risk of the batteries exploding during charging - which means that they have to pay a premium on their buildings insurance to allow you to keep them indoors).

For that reason, they are now banning mobility scooters being kept in your home unless you have a permit from them. This permit has to be paid for IF they give you permission and permission depends on the nature of your disability.

A easier and possibly cheaper option may be to get a small shed of some sort placed outside where you can store the scooter - it's better if it's rigged up for electricity, but if not, you can trail a cable through to it for charging as long as neither the plug, the plug hole or charger get wet during a shower (so as close to your home as possible is best).

The whole laugh of the matter is that I've not heard a word said about powered wheelchairs - so this could be a way forward for someone who has mobility problems but hasn't yet bought a mobility scooter.

A lot of housing associations no longer pay to have ramps installed for use with mobility scooters so you aren't alone.
Beck it wasnt the housing association that was going to have to pay and they still refused.
Having already got prior permission to store the scooter im trying not to worry about it too much though its not easy.
I have made a decision though. i will not be a carer again for anyone else because of societys attitudes and situations like this.
I dont really know how the Gov. expects some disabled people to go out to work if their landlords are going to make it difficult for them to store the aids that they may need to achieve this!!!
Thankyou everyone for your replies. Sorry i didnt respond very swiftly but ive been very stressed about this and other stuff.
I've just read your emails this morning for the first time. My son has a private tenancy but when he had an issue I spoke to someone dealing with tenancies from the local council, who was most helpful. To summarise, he said that the letting agency were quite wrong in their assertions (relating to an extractor fan which wouldn't close, on this occasion. The agency said that there had to be an extractor because of the gas boiler in the room (only it wasn't in that room at all!). He pointed out that as a gas boiler had a balanced flue it was all, basically, a load of rubbish. Might I suggest you contact your local authority? I know our local authority also have a fire prevention adviser. Might be worth contacting them too for advice. I think you may just have a Jobsworth sort of person in your HA. The Disability Discrimination legislation requires people to make "reasonable adjustments" for disabled people. Far better that the council or fire authority to tell them what is right or wrong, rather than you. Good luck.