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I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail.

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It is well recognised fact that moving home is one of the most stressful events in peoples lives right up alongside divorce and berevement.
Scally wrote
There are nomadic people out there who move address every time their goats need better grazing, and there is no evidence that this causes an increased mortality rate. Actually it is probably good to have a change of scenery.
No evidence regarding who the goats or the people?????
Either way if no one knows where they are going to be at any given time pretty hard to gather any kind of evidence Image bet you hadn't thought of that had you Eh? Image
Cheryl - BRAVO and very well said..........its exactly what came to mind. Hope the sun is shining on you today. Stability is what any person suffering chronic injury or illness needs not to be packed up on whim and moved. Support services are totally different in every district and each have their own forms to complete ......... Image Image Image
We all know what that means
Kind Regards -Mandy
Thanks for your replies everyone. Sorry that i havent been on here for a while. i have been posting on another site.
Scally my husband and i are not goatherds and i think i am better placed to know about his health than you are.
Well, the title of this thread is "I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail.". And so I am wondering who is blackmailing whom, because we carers sometimes need to be quite firm with our carees:
As for moving my husband says the stress would kill him and i believe hes right.
As long as a change is handled sensitively and positively then it can be seen as life enhancing, and not incredibly stressful at all. Otherwise we would all have to stay in the same place we were born for the rest of our lives because moving is so incredibly dangerous for our health. But anyway, my point is that we all need a bit of stress, otherwise we die of terminal boredom. That is the challenge for any carer, surely, presenting, managing and handling change in a positive way rather than resisting it at all costs?
Oops sorry Scally yes i see what you mean now.
Terminal Boredom - i dont know about anyone else, ive never had the time to be bored Image
i will jpin your rant

the council wouldnt house me and 2 daughters on the breakdown of out relationship

soooo i went private
now in debt but got a very nice tiny house for the 3 of us

its lovely but not ideal for amy, shes unwell and i cant keep lifting her up and down to the loo as the stairs r open and steep.. NOW the council still wont help even though MY HOME is up for sale and we could b out by march,, as i havent been a tennant long enough
we need adaptations made,im banging head against a wall. trying to get help is madness! cut backs and rubbish, yet is i was a criminal id get it all!
Council didn't help me when I was escaping Domestic Violence and getting my kids away from their abuser. My mum had to find a place to rent whilst I sat on their waiting list like everyone else in no danger.
have you emailed your MP? They have a 6 week period to resolve tent issues if an MP contacts them.

This is a long story please bare with me lol x
When I was caring for my mum (how had an ampitation injury) and a asd child we had a really bad winter a few years back. So my 'fantastic' combi boiler that was installed 5 years before broke down and I had no secondary heating source (fan heaters). Freezing cold I phoned the council (out of hours service) who informed me that an work man would be out with in 24hrs. I asked if for the mean time that a workman drop off a heater until the boiler could be repaired. To which the thick cow on the phone replied 'the workmen have the heaters, you'll be offered one when they come to repair the boiler. This was un believeble my poor mum was in so much pain because ampitation injuries are extremelly sensitive to the cold. I told the thick cow this to which she relied 'the workmen have are heaters, you'll be offered one when they come to repair the boiler'. Anyway we got the boiler repaired late afternoon the next day. Enraged I emailed my MP explaining how the whole situation was unacceptable. My MP relied and he was in total agreement with me. 3 weeks later I had a lovely letter from the council with a huge sorry and the dates to install a new boiler.

o might intrested to know that you might be covered under the minimum home standards Image
We have recieved another letter from the HA today which has this in it....Re fire and safety requirements..We have to make sure that your exit during a fire is not obstructed by possessions and items which have been stored or dumped outside front doors under the stairs or in the hallways.It is possible that they may catch alight,give off poisonous fumes or even explode in the heat.Any stored items such as bicycles or pushchairs could make it difficult for others to get out especially for a disabled person.

Following an inspection of your estate we have realised that there are items being left in the communal areas.To make sure that we are complying with the regulations we will have to remove ANY items which are left outside in communal areas.
We will visit regularly and remove and dispose of any items left outside your front door or in the hallways. this will include obvious items like pushchairs,bicycles and shopping trolleys but also less obvious items such as shoes plants doormats and pictures.
A number of residents may feel that this is unfair but we need to apply this policy consistently and fairly to all to ensure that your safety is not compromised.

Now we have previous written permission to keep hubbys scooter under the stairs so he doesnt want me to phone the HA because he sees no reason to as we have this permission which as yet has not been withdrawn.
What do you think?