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I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail. - Carers UK Forum

I cant work out if this is a threat or blackmail.

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Update. The OT phoned today. Apparently the housing association are saying that we cant have a ramp put in by them and apparently quoted to the OT that we are lucky that they let us store hubbys mobility scooter under the stairs and yes they used the old fire hazard excuse again.
This sounds like a thinly veiled threat to me. About a month ago the housing officer came over (unannounced) and tried to persuade us to move to a more suitable place. (never mind the fact that they can only provide the same sort of place and that the entrances are all the same.) the OT also said that its because Sanctuary dont have the money. They also said that the other neighbours have to be considered because the hallway is communal. Then when i questioned the fact that a neighbour in a flat in another block has a ramp the OT said that Sanctuary were not saying never and that they just dont have the money now. Well surely the neighbours would still be a problem then would they not?
All these statements just contradict each other and sound like a barrage of excuses to me.
Not to mention the threat of stopping my husband from keeping his scooter under the stairs.
Are they seriously trying to say that none of the parents in the other blocks keep buggys under the stairs.
As for moving my husband says the stress would kill him and i believe hes right.
And if by some big miracle that we could then what the hell happens to me if my husband passes away? Im left to be allowed to live in an adapted place then am i? mmm no i dont think so. I would then be made homeless because the place would be needed for another disabled person.
But with having no kids i certainly would not be top priority for rehousing after that.
And also with the changes this oh so lovely Gov is making to tenancy agreements, rent,housing benefit etc its just too risky. No one seems to care what could happen in a situation like this.
Well wait till the next time the HA want some co-operation from me. They will find me extremely awkward. Rant over!
i will jpin your rant

the council wouldnt house me and 2 daughters on the breakdown of out relationship

soooo i went private
now in debt but got a very nice tiny house for the 3 of us

its lovely but not ideal for amy, shes unwell and i cant keep lifting her up and down to the loo as the stairs r open and steep.. NOW the council still wont help even though MY HOME is up for sale and we could b out by march,, as i havent been a tennant long enough
we need adaptations made,im banging head against a wall. trying to get help is madness! cut backs and rubbish, yet is i was a criminal id get it all!
I don't have any advice as I am lucky enough never to have been in your situation.
My Mum was bedbound before I had to make any alterations to the house, so I guess we were 'lucky'.

Good luck and don't give up xx
Hi Diva and Pixie,

I'm sorry I have no advice to give. There must be advice out there it's just tapping into the right source. Have you tried the Citizen's Advice bureau, they are very good at finding out if they don't already know the answers.

Why is life so impossibly hard????

Housing has always been an issue for us.

Mark has parkinsons so they gave us a downstairs flat which was wheelchair accessible... Marks 6ft, the toilet is too low for him and the sides in the kitchen have been lowered, I'd never be able to let him make hot drinks, the sides too low.

They've also put us in a dodgey area. Mark isn't emotionally vulnerable but he is physically vulnerable. Our three nearest neighbours are: alcoholic, drug addict and one of my former patients who thankfully hasn't recognised me!!!

I've lost count of the number of times I've asked for us to be moved, had to report our neighbours etc etc

One of them kicked Cofte when he was running about in the yard while I was putting the washing out.

Seriously unhappy bunny.
if some one hurts an animal do it back!
i am biding my time at the moment, i love my home its just not always going to be great for amy
Hi guys New on this site but I have had some housing problems myself and it took an awful lot to get them sorted first of all Diva please note that nobody within a housing association has the right to turn up at your house and expect to talk to you without 24 hours notice so do not feel obliged to talk to them if they do this is not acceptable behavior as you should always have the option to have a 'neutral' third party present.
There are grants available to have your home adapted http://england.shelter.org.uk/home they have a helpline who I found quite useful.
Do not allow your council/housing Association e.c.t to lie and take it as truth they have obligations to you as there tenants to meet your needs be strong and continuously question anything that does not sound right ask for it in writing and also ask for a copy of there policies on homes and adaptions.
If your Housing team are anything like mine they will lie and do anything to save money/cut corners Image Just keep pushing and you might find that you get what you want Image
Hi there

well i cant offer advice on housing agencies but the OT has a duty of care to you both if you are on his books.
It shouldnt matter who owns the property if an OT states an adaptation is needed, its usually done.

As for animals - dont do people who hurt animals or people who hurt people for that matter...............BAD BAD BAD Humans Image

BAD BAD BAD Humans Image
Image Bad Naughty Dog Kicking Humans Image Image
As for moving my husband says the stress would kill him and i believe hes right.
No, it won't, he is simply wrong and trying it on a bit. Do get a grip, I have no time for this kind of shroud waving, a house is just four walls, no more, no less. There are nomadic people out there who move address every time their goats need better grazing, and there is no evidence that this causes an increased mortality rate. Actually it is probably good to have a change of scenery.