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I am offended by your silence. - Page 8 - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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Can I speak up for the shy ones??... well, me anyway
I am not very eloquent with words, there is always the fear I will put my foot right in it by not explaining myself properly Image . so if I can't write what is in my head I don't post.
It took me ages to muster up the courage to post on Roll call!
I love popping on here early doors, sometimes i post , sometimes i don't, for me it's more about the feeling of being part of something good, something that has helped me more than I ever would have hoped.
Head has gone foggy now, words lost, (see what I mean Image)
Absolutely nothing wrong with the way you post Sturdy, nothing wrong at all.
Dont feel shy about posting anywhere on this amazing forum, cause nobody here will judge you in any way, only try and help you if thats what is needed.

We dont care about spelling or punctuation marks being in the right place, or even none at all. Just say whats on your mind and we'll all know just whats being said and try to help or just listen.
Thanks Pete,
That was a really nice post, very much appreciated.
Part of my problem is that quite a while ago I was a new member on a different forum, put together a perfectly good response (in my mind) to one post and was promptly eaten alive!!
Some horrible woman didn't read it properly, took it the wrong way and had a right good go at me.
It really upset me at the time.
I later realised that she did that to everyone, she was just looking for an argument, I wasn't there for that, so never went on there or any other forum again, until I found this one.
So pleased to say that everyone here is lovely, and best of all, has a good sense of humour!
Sturdygirl, i had a similar experience on another forum, too many bitchy people and backstabbers, i could do without that now. This Place is just lovely. I make a lot of mistakes in my spelling, and grammar, no one every says anything. I use spell check when i remember.

I Sometimes find it hard to know what to write, especially on the serious side of things, but i love this place and the members.
Lucky to have found it.

Your posts come across just fine. xx
i agree some forums you ask a question and you get linched or lots nasty anwers.. this forum is amazing .. lots of nice friendy people and superb advice, a breath of fresh air Image

No problems with your posts .. Image
I'm bored with being offended

Can I have a hug?
I'm bored with being offended

Can I have a hug?
Most definitely Image

(((( Dipsy ))))..xx
Yeps getting there. Still feeling shite. Carer in need of a carer Image
No sooner said than done missus. Image
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