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I am offended by your silence. - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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Parsifal, I always find your posts interesting, to the point, with the right sprinkle of humour.

Take care
I thought this Topic by Scally was a jokey attempt to get new members/lurkers to contribute to the Forum and feel part of this community. As newbies have little experience of Scally and his sense of humour I think most have been put off!
All posts are interesting & informative, from a (((hug))) to a tirade directed at other members, its not obligatory to respond to everything Image
So newbies jump in where it suits you, and to the Usual Suspects a Very Happy Christmas Image
As a newbie I am just getting to know this site, so much to read and not as much time as I would wish. There is so much to take in - lol I have not yet found spellchecker so I'm not going to bother with it. I must say that Scally's post alarmed me but then as I read more I realised that although making a point, it should not be taken too seriously (lol I think so).
Ooh, reading these, I suspect I am one of those who whitter away and often don't make much sense Image . Frankly though, if the post helps the poster, is that not the most important thing in the Forum? I thought, for example, the thread of posts supporting Craig through his mother's illness and ultimate death were amazing - people such as Nilla and Nanny Pat who supported him throughout. I, like many others, use the Forum as a form of stress-relief, also in the hope that I may find people who understand as they are in similar situations. The Forum is used differently by different people but is its flexibility not the point? Anyway, hope I don't bore anyone - feel free to ignore me Image. To all newbies - please post away when and where you want; I like reading all the posts when I can
Ha....Ha.....Im away a while,return to find that Ive not been forgotten.Thsts good anyway.

As some,no surprises as to who,have been pouring over my words,their meaning etc,Ill have a bash at clarification,before I head off for another few weeks.

I respect all who contribute here.The regulars with plenty to say,coment on etc,and the ones with little to say.

In my view,often the quietest,the one who speaks least,speaks volumes.Often in very few words.

On occasion those with lots to say make valid points too.Its all fair,all good.

On THIS thread,I was responding to its premis.It is not always the case that those of us who are not regular voices here,have nothing to say.Its often just a case of speaking if you really feel you have a valid point to make,to move the debate on,to contribute to it.

The lack of respect,the fact some debates get silly,into stupid word exchanges and seem to loose respect along the way for contributors,frankly just bores me.its childish.I choose not to indulge in such idiotic flights.

Respect should underpin all we say here.In my view,that is.

BUT,economy of words,being spartan with contributions,does not mean we do not care,far from it.
Laying low.
Nothing positive to say since before Christmas.
That's why I'm silent right now.
On THIS forum, no one is forgotten, wordy or not, to the point or not Image
Im just getting my confidence up enough to post some on peoples posts i want them to feel like im giving support , im slowly getting the hang of the site now just building up my confidence ,sometimes i get stuck for words so respond with a (((hug))) will be posting more tho Image Image
Image Image lets hope then that your latest post helped You Maxi, i do not believe it helped anyone else. Spartan enough for you??
It is certainly more Spartan than using over 200 Image words, Audrey Image Image .
I suppose as this thread has had a good run,it must be one that has touched something.Its great to read Rainbow,a new voice here.This is a place for every voice.Some,in a few words,can make a point which moves one to the core.Thats the forum at its best,in my view.

Here,its whatever flys your kite.Be they frequent flyers here,or rare gems that only shine here on
occasions they have a point to make or respond to,Whatever we write about here,its never dull.

Regardless of why people contribute,or dont,be they here to advise,guide,coment,or just dot the "I" and cross the "T" of the contributions of others,its all fair game,in my view.

For some its a lifeline here,lest we forget.A grand resourse.

But,again,back to the basis of the thread,it matters not a jot to me,if folks here write a lot and often or rarely.Its all cool,in my view. Image
96 posts