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I am offended by your silence. - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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Stacey...those words sum up the forum beautifully.

Bell x

Ps...nice to "see" you again!
I must be a Lurker as you call it and its not down to not wanting to talk l used to post quite often but didn't always get an answer so felt l was boring people as l care for my daughter she is all l have to talk about not a lot going on in my life to be of any interest not everyone feels free enough to talk to other people l am now suffering from anxiety disorder myself due to other things that have been going on in my life so that and my caring role makes it hard for me to post sorry if mines and other peoples silence has offended you or anybody else sometimes some just reading other peoples posts helps as it makes us realise there is always someone worse off than ourselves
Jean it is always lovely to see you and lots of people read but don't feel up to posting. In fact, I think that applies to everyone at some point.
Don't worry about it, we're just glad to know you are about Image
Than for your reply the last year has been really awful Lisa was ill and l had to go to court for over payment of carers allowance because of private pension now paying it all back another six mths and it will soon be over my brother-inlaw passed away and my sister was so il she was down to 3st and given days to live she has picked up a bit now but still needs help so l am caring for her as well so it has been hard this is the first time l have posted about all this lnnow have anxiety disorder due to all this will try and post more often when time allows Lisa is having a quite time just now so taking advantage of the free time
Jean it's lovely to see you posting. Am sending you plentiful (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))), it sounds as though you have had a heck of a lot to deal with recently.

Karen x x
It has been hard but getting over it now wasnt pleasant but l got through it and the worse is over Lisa still isn't good her walking has got worse and she is in a lot of pain so she is having more and more days off centre but on the whole she is happy she just accepts it my sister is putting weight on she had a perforated bowel and was given days to live she also lost her husband may but she is cheerful enough but still needs help and l do what l can for her and l am working through my anxiety which was caused with court and carers allowance but that's over now paying it back will be finished about ten mths time then it really will be over
My best wishes to everyone
Jean, sorry but only just come across your post. You and your family really do seem to have gone through the mill. I'm pleased that things are a little better now and wish you and yours all the very best for the new year.

Don't you worry about lurking....I do it all the time! Join in when you feel you want to!

Take care,
Bell x
Ye it has been hard but lve got there but it has had a long lasting effect on me but there is worse off than me and as long as my daughter is happy lm happy l just strive to keep her well and happy thank you for your kind words
take care
Lovely to see you back posting Jean. I did wonder where you had gone, but lurking is just fine. I do it round some of the other pages on the forum as don`t have time to post on them all.

You have had an awful year in more ways than one, but hopefully the coming year will be better for you.

Thinking of you and sending (((HUGS))).

Take care
Thank you meg l am getting there as l said before worse off than me but Lisa is a bit better today so just take one day at a time learning to ignore bad days and enjoy good ones hope you are well

Thanks again for your kind thoughts
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