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I am offended by your silence. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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I set out with good intentions, but sometimes the number of posts to read is overwhelming. Other days I post first on roll call and read the rest at leisure. Often logged in all day whether I am here or not.

Sorry Scally.

Take care
I think with over 2,000 posts to your credit (and all of them good ones, too) you hardly count as a "lurker" ! No, its the folk who dont post at all that I was thinking about. It would be interesting to flush a few of them out from deep cover and find out why they are so shy.

But I was also playing a bit (purely from a spirit of fun) with the concept of "offence" that sometimes comes up here: you know, what kind of thing causes some people offence will not offend others, and so on.
.......and there I was thinking I was the only lurker! I guess I'm more of your stalker type! Scally, you don't scare me - my guess is you are a bit like my Tony; talk the talk and walk the walk but a real teddy bear underneath! (hope so anyway!!! Image Image )


PS besides, I live a long way away from you and Tony is 6'2" and can drive a tank too! Oh yes, and Lola would have your ankles - see how fierce she is?


Sorry Scally, i will try and post more often, not really lurking some times find writing things hard being dyslexic. Image
Shazi, anyone can post - or not. It's up to them, and it's up to you. No one else.

So some people join and don't post. Big deal. Freedom of speech is a gift - perhaps some of us exercise it too much, and perhaps we're in danger of drowning out some of the others. And, of course, with the freedom to speak comes also the freedom to choose the opposite.

Go to any group meeting and you'll find people who come but don't speak. Do they get something from being there? Certainly. And if others find it a problem that they don't speak - tough. Same rule here.

Post if you want - or not. And don't worry about dyslexia or any other issues. Some of us have lots of problems with words. It doesn't mean we have anything less important to say. Image
I'm lurking about here tonight!!! :p
- he's the big brother that's really hard to please but when/if he replies positively to something you've posted - that's praise indeed! Image Image Image
obviously the Craig Revel-Horwood of Carers UK Image Image Image
Sorry if I offended you, I admit I lurked for a bit before signing up....... (holds out hands)
Right, that it. I'm just about up to here with people who dont post anything at all! They think they can lurk around without expressing an opinion, reading other people's posts, but never willing to join in. Well, let me tell you they get right up my nose, these silent lurkers, these forum freeloaders and social networking parasites. Image
SO, if you are reading this and have yet to make a post, well, now is your big chance to defend your continued silence !
If that's an example of the welcome a shy newbie gets if they want to take some time to read posts and get a feel for the forum before adding a post themselves then it's the typed version of a 'Glasgow Kiss' and I wouldn't blame them if they went to other carers sites. Image
It can sometimes take a 'lurker' a long time to gather up the courage and tack the plunge and post something.

Don't be to cross, with them Scally, I don't think that there's a rule that you have to post. It's nice of course when people feel safe enough to post, remember some of our Forum mates, are maybe a bit out of practice when it come to writing, for 'public' view.

Scally, you remind me a bit of one of my old bosses, one of his favorite saying was:

"The beatings will continue until moral improves"

Scally, you remind me a bit of one of my old bosses, one of his favorite saying was]
Lawds Sakes, Jimb, don't go giving him ideas! Image
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