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I am offended by your silence. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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I am one of those people. This evening I am feeling so low I don't know what to do.My heart is breaking with Christmas coming up again, my daughter has taken my elder son out with her to see the lights being turned on,and the Christmas fireworks. Three years ago, I would have been out there with them,singing Christmas carols etc,now Christmas is just a reminder of the complete family that I don't have anymore.It is a time to be endured, but with a smile on my face so that the rest of my family can have happiness.
I love reading about other people's families,the happiness, sadness, family conflicts, traditions etc.I know that in the next two weeks I have to find the energy to put up a Christmas tree.I am also sorting through decorations and giving them to a charity for people who cannot afford to buy for themselves,so I know they will be put to good use.
Lurking, for me, is standing at the edge of the crowd and that is where I will always be now in a group of people, unless they have the same heartbreak, because then we know that the tears don't matter.
Today is a really bad day, perhaps tomorrow I will laugh and join in throughout the forum.
i do have a chat and word when the time allows and the computer has a good day, but i know how you are thinking, they seems to be the same people but as some one said, maybe people feel like they just want to read, i like to do and by god it makes me feel better to write things down and get some one to reply maybe other people would benefit from this.
i dont lurk- i post randomly and i dont spell check Image

jane huge hugs xxxx
Scally boy, bed NOW, you naughty scottie, Image Image Image
I think most of us lurk at some time or another. I've been through that phase recently - life was too stressful to post much but I didn't want to stay away completely. Generally, I'm posting less - partly because there is a much larger group of regular posters than previously, and I often come in at a point where there's nothing more for me to add.

I'm still one of the more regular posters though Image - although one or two are starting to catch up! Image
That's just it. Exactly, Charles. Sometimes all you want to do is read, stay in contact even if you're too down to type a reply.
Although it makes the rest of us worried, rather than cross, if a regular contributor doesn't write for ages (Sprinter for one, and Pix when her computer wasn't available, and Caring Mind now that her mum's gone etc etc).
If you're low, it brings comfort somehow, just to read how your friends are doing.

Please don't be cross with them, Scally, there's a reason for everything.
must not worry about Scally, we know him well enough to know that his bite is far worse than his bark
Gee thanks Audrey, now feeling very grateful this all happens over the internet, not sure how I'd cope meeting Scally face to face now! Image His bark is bad enough Image

On the subject of posting - just wanted to let all you big "posters" know that when you reply to a relative newbie's post it's like having a brotherly/sisterly arm round our shoulders - so thank you. In case anyone was wondering how Scally fits into that visual - he's the big brother that's really hard to please but when/if he replies positively to something you've posted - that's praise indeed! Image Image Image
Yes guilty of being an intermitant lurker and poster, sometimes people just want to be quiet Image
I set out with good intentions, but sometimes the number of posts to read is overwhelming. Other days I post first on roll call and read the rest at leisure. Often logged in all day whether I am here or not.

Sorry Scally.

Take care
Sometimes less is more or do I mean silence is golden Image Image Image
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