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I am in a rut and need a hobby!!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I am in a rut and need a hobby!!!

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Hi Jim
I can identify with your situation. I am in my late 30s and care for my mother who has schizophrenia, but also manage to work part-time. My mum watches TV all day and has her radio on all night - sometimes I can zone it out and sometimes not!
Wouldn't suit everyone, but my pet cat is a real sanity saviour for me Image I also love reading and cooking. I also love walking - if you can get out for a few hours. I have joined a couple of walking groups recently and try and get out a couple of times a month. Also - are there any carers' groups in your area? Not everyone's cup of tea I know.
Look after yourself xx
Similar for me, my wife is cared for in bed most of the time so I spend most of my time sat on the bed watching tv with her etc.

I have a list of various activities that I do to keep active while at the same time watching or listening in to the tv, these include - Watercolour & Oil Painting, Small electronic projects, matchstick model making, Airfix model making etc. I also spend a lot of time on my computer (bit of a computer nerd), there are various courses online that you can do at home in your own time too.
Hi Jim. There are quite a lot of things that can be done even when you're stuck in a room with the TV on, and many can be useful. Try to think of things that fit in with your interests, or skills that might help with your work or your future.

Examples might be computer related such as learning website design or graphics, or something like learning a new language or doing a writing course. One example from my life is a little odd but it's been useful. I bought wire working tools and then taught myself to use them. The skill made attaching screening to a fence ridiculously easy, and has been useful in so many other areas that I probably couldn't remember them all.
Are you looking for things you could be doing whilst having to sit with her whilst she watches TV? If you get earplugs, then you could more easily concentrate on reading e.g. library books or how about doing puzzles/crosswords? Or even starting/keeping a diary e.g. of how you feel - it can be very cathartic. Perhaps even looking at family photo albums (if you have many)...can take you back and her too i.e. something you could do together.