Household Wipes.....

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Two carers arrived last night for the teatime call. We had not met them before. English was not their native language. I don't care at all where someone is from but I DO care that they know what proper care actually is.

I was sitting downstairs chatting with my wife at the time. I/we will usually chat to the carers as they do what they do for my wife. Then I noticed that one of the carers was cleaning my wife intimately using wipes from a blue packet.

Household wipes. Like wipes with bleach.

I have NO idea where she got them - unless she picked them up while passing through the kitchen. They were in no way close to the bed - why would they be?

I said "No, no - stop - wrong wipes - stop - I'll get the correct wipes!" and went right to the box with them in. As I did so the "carer" took more household wipes out and just carried on.

W. T. F.

I took the blue packet away, gave her the right one and told her she MUST use those. I got a wierd look.

Contacted the Agency owner and complained.

Asked the Night carers - who we know and trust - to check for damage and be sure to clean extra well which they did.

CHC will be getting a call Monday. A change in agency is now required.
Not unreasonable at all to expect agency staff to be able to communicate effectively when working with clients in fact I would say if anything essential to the role because you are not just dealing with the person you are helping and family supporting them, but also potential doctors and all sort of visiting health professionals not to mention emergency services sometimes.

Know whats equally disturbing to your discovery is their reaction when you intervened, which suggests either they are unable to detect by scent the difference between the household cleaning products and personal hygiene ones.. or alternatively they do in fact know, but are too ignorant, lazy, uncaring or any combination of the 3 to know any better.

I mean honestly... if their going based on what a product "looks" like how long before they bung toilet cleaner in somebodies washing up bowl or dishwasher because it looks like fairy, etc

Absolutely appalling I hope you get safeguarding involved, I'm livid having read this, can't imagine how you must feel.

Your wife is lucky to have you there watching over her,

Best wishes
Definitely complain to CQC, who investigated a complaint mum made very professionally. They need to know, this is very serious indeed. If funded by Social Services, definitely complain to them too.