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how would changes in school leaving age affect kids with SEN - Carers UK Forum

how would changes in school leaving age affect kids with SEN

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Login on to facebook today I saw that the suggestion of changing the school leaving age from 16 to 14 was a hot topic of debate. In a interview with the times news paper, ex chief executive of school inspectors Sir Chris Woodhead said 'If a child at 14 has mastered basic literacy and numeracy, I would be very happy for that child to leave school and to go into a combination of apprenticeship and further education training and a practical, hands-on, craft-based training that takes them through into a job".

So it got my wondering, from my understanding a lot of children who attend special educational needs schools don't receive the golden 5 G.C.S.E's but do receive some. With this in mind ,if a 'SEN' child is not expected to achieve the national average does that mean that under this new idea 'SEN' Children wont be given the choice to sit GCSE's ? Would they be expected to leave school at 14? Would they be expected to learn a trade or go on a vocational course that maybe not their choice or where their talents lie?

What do you think ?

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/877394-scho ... z1ZjqBs4iz
They've only just changed it to 17! Regarding GCSE's those in special schools can and do take them well before they are 16 but in stages some are 2 stages soem are 3 some are once. My son did his maths GCSE part 1 last march time and his foundation one of science(entry level some places call it)he go a D in the maths (still a pass and better than his mother got!) and 91% in science. With SEN children they have individual statements of needs and all these will be factored in to when they can do these tests/exams.

The article only gives an opinion of what 1 person things should happen...it does not say it is going to be cut at all, so quite honestly I wouldn't really worry about it.
i'm not worried, just though it would be a good debate and raises some intresting issues
Chris Woodhead is renowned for strange and controversial ideas. Most of which turned out to be rubbish. Wouldn't surprise me if this was the same...mainly because I believe it to be utterly stupid. The only reason it might be allowed to work is that there is likely to be a shortage of work force if the employment situation actually improves...
14 would be fine, as long as there is a choice and a right to suitable alternatives. My boy left school for college at 16, and he exchanged 5 days a week school from 9-4 for three days college from 9-4, which is what they laughably call full time education these days. Sure, I'm feeling a bit cheated, how did they manage to pull that fast one on us both, I wonder? So now I'm having to organise his life for four days a week .. and that isnt even counting the incredibly long holidays..
I can't imagine they would expect those with SLD's to go anywhere different from the current babysitting/child minding situation.
My son has a part time home programme and is actually learning and making progress for the first time in his 14yrs, he goes into school only 2 days a week, he treats it as play as do we.
I can't help but wonder if we are cheating our children if we were to go down this route??? I mean, there were enough of us SEN children slipping through the net 10 - 20 years ago when I was at school and those of us who didn't miss the boat entirely were dropped in the water with zero child involvement in the SEN assessments or simply a lack of interest in the individual child.

Sure, our education system lets down those of us with SEN's but the NVQ's are worse, I did one in retail between the ages of 17 and 18 - and the bullying and discrimination I was exposed to beggars belief... I was bullied over my height, appearance and hygiene (right down to literally being called a tramp by an "assessor", I was outright discriminated against, I was accused of shoplifting and generally had a year of my life made H**l.

Needless to say I quit that vocation at the end of that course - despite my grades being amongst the highest there and the trainer's request that I sit level 2. I went into a mix of childcare and law.

If these people can treat a young adult like this, my mind is boggling to think what they would do to our children. I'd hate to see a child pouring a year or more of their lives into something, then end up having to change paths in the middle somewhere because they couldn't live like this any more.

It affected me very badly and I was left feeling suicidal as a result of everything I was made to bear.