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Christmas Time

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here's another one,

You`re well and truly into Christmas aren`t you.I do like the majority of Christmas songs,the Pogues and John Lennon being my favourites,but i can always listen to Bing Crosby as well.24 days to go and a lot of shopping to get done.Enjoy the build up,it lasts longer than the day. Image Image Image
that was nice my favourites is fairy tale of new york by the pogues Image Image Image
not very good at listening to Christmas songs anymore, but I like the Pogues.
The shaking stevens one i used to dislike.....brought memories back when my gal was a baby, she was in hospital when it hit the charts not to mention the jumper!!!! Image ...... like you mr t and lazy d ....the pouges, well im a christmas grump Image Image Image
Oh just thought of another one....is it sauilsbury hill (sp).....thats not too bad, my daughter has christmas cds but plays them in her bedroom.....i dont know how the poor retail assistants go on, listening to it day in day out.....told you i was a grump Image
Mand, I used to love Christmas,my favourite time of year. Always cried though when I heard the Mud Christmas song, Lonely this Christmas,thinking of people who were sad,and hoped they would be able to find peace.Now I hate the song,if I hear it in a shop, I have to leave.
Sitting looking at my tree now. My daughter put it up yesterday for me,and then I can take my time opening the boxes and seeng the same decorations we have used since the children were small. It might take me a fortnight to decorate the tree, but I will get there.We used to all do it together, and put Christmas music on at the same time.
I smiled when you said about the shop assistants and how did they cope with the same music constantly. One Christmas when my younger son was in hospital on the children's ward Intensive Care, there was a lifesize Father Christmas there, that said,"Ho,ho,ho," everytime anyone passed.It was in the main corridor,and drove the nurses scatty. Rhys was only in for three days, but it was right by him!(They did turn it off at night, but it had been something that had been donated by wellwishing members of the public!