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How To Help?

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Hi, tell her not to worry about the increase of dosage, maybe as she's always "busy" and not relaxing is why doc increased the meds. When she gets on a more even keal the doctor will probably decrease slowly but it all takes time. My Partner's also on antidepressants mainly as a muscle relaxant but also has additional tablets for when he feels on a downward spiral or can't cope emotionally with the day's events. Partner has many health issues, depression is a side affect of these but when it really hits I have problems coping as I just want to get away as he won't leave the house. You sound like you're doing a fantastic job, when you get a chance to get out, walk round the block etc take the opportunity even if you don't feel like it - we all need chill out time Image
David suffers from depression, and is on a medication called Fluoxotine which does help, he takes 2 every morning, all I can do is either leave him alone, which he prefers sometimes as he needs to get himself over it or else we sit together and just be near to each other, or talk, whichever he feels most comfortable with,xx hope this helps
David suffers from depression, and is on a medication called Fluoxotine which does help,xx hope this helps
Thanks, this all helps. I cant remeber the name of the medication my partners on but its not that for sure. We managed to have quite a good relaxing weekend just gone. She went of to do a one day beauty training course on Saturday and I tidied the house from top to bottom so she had nothing to do when she got in. We didnt get up until 10am Sunday Image and she said she felt terrible for that!!

All in all its looking ok at the moment Image
Hope things continue to improve for you both.

Take care
Spoke a lttle too soon maybe Image Our boiler is currently broken and the guy couldn't fix it on the first visit which I understand and look at it as "%$£" happens" but my partner seemed to get really angry that we didnt have hot water (still dont) and got even more angry at the way I was dealing with it but I dont let things like that wind me up. She was drawing the conclusion that I didnt care at all.

She was in tears and I just didnt know what to do apart from make a cup of tea and try to explain that these things happen and tell her it would be ok, she calmed down eventially and then said she hated things going wrong and feeling this way, ok one minute then very angry the next. She also feels guilty for taking this sort of thing out on me. I do find it hard sometimes myself.

Sorry to go on but it does help writing this down here.
That might be just her personality.I am very like that myself.If our boiler went,and we had no hot water, I would be angry too. Personally, I can go without heating, wrap myself up, but the idea of going for a day without a shower or bath would panic me.
Last week, our washing machine broke down. Well if you could have seen me. I had stripped the beds, it was kingsize bedding that I had dripping all over my floor.The washing machine was not able to be repaired,and we had to order a new one(argos card, 12 months interest free),and I stopped panicking, even though I was still without a machine for a few days.

Hope things are better now.