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How to get the message across!! - Carers UK Forum

How to get the message across!!

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I see we have a lost soul on the introductions section..someone who has mistaken this board for something else, a board for CAREWORKERS, not carers.

How do we differentiate and get the message across? I think we need a change, a simple one that would minimise the confusion.

"CARERS UK -the voice of unpaid carers." I propose that the powers that be give this some thought, it's an easy change and one perhaps that would make people think twice. How many of us use the term carer when we actually mean careworker? I know I did before I came here and the vast majority of Joe Public think that careworkers are carers so we need to grab their attention. Show them it ain't so. Image

What do you think?
Thanking ye kindly our Audrey..looks like it is just me and you though! Image

I had a think about this and realised that by doing this, it implies that there are other carers, those that are paid. In other words, I am saying that those who care and get paid for it are carers also. I think. Image

Buuuut...I don't think we are ever going to change the general view of the word, people will still associate it with caring, paid or unpaid, immaterial. They won't use careworker, only we will.

Rather than trying to raise awareness and change thinking, catch the eye by saying "unpaid" carers. That will stand out, make people investigate what an "unpaid" carer does and hopefully get the awareness that we need.

Phew. I've worn meself out now! Image
i don't think anything needs changing if the careworkers that drift here by mistake actually read the topics it would be obvious what we are all about.i for one have put things like my wife has alzheimers at 42 as an example,surely this would give it away.
It took years for us to be recognised as being Carers. Actually I've no objection to care workers here IF they bother to read the forum and see what caring is actually about.
Unpaid carers sounds quite good, but I feel it has conotations of 'volunteers' and how many of us are that? Image Image Image
SO Sorry to say this but if you get C A you are classed as working it is the goverment
that do not pay the minimum wage that is the problem . I came across this when I
insured the car a long time ago when asked if I worked I said no they said unemployed
and I said that I looked after the wife and they told me if I got CA then I was classed
as employed sorry if this offend's anyone but this is fact as CA is taxable Image Image
so in principal you are a care worker on low income Image but true