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How to describe "caring" - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

How to describe "caring"

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Dutiful -headless chicken- fire fighter
Used, abused and walked all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stressfull,isolated and exhausting.............
Emotional roller coaster, Sooo unpredictable, desperately lonely. Sad because you do caring to give , in my case elderly parent, the best end to their life possible. But sometimes (and I can now see that others feel similarly), one can feel a slave almost. On a good day when appreciated and caree is the loving kind person they once were, it is lovely. BUT sadly these days are fewer and especially when they don't know you it is very very hard. Just have to remember that less good behaviour is due to illness-hard though. Sleep deprivation makes niggles harder to take and I do internalise frustration ie get upset. Am not caring in own part of uk no social contacts. Carers groups should be weekly. Once a month a long wait! Find can't go now as changes have occurred and everything is a.m when caree asleep for an ever changing amount of time. However sleep important to ensure as good a day as possible.
Undervalued, grinding, vicious
Can't do it in three words but I have two sentences that sum it up.

It's the worst job in the world. Simply by the fact that it needs to be done. :(

It's the best job in the world. Because I get to do it. :)
I wish with all my heart that I hadn't spent so much of my life caring, as I've hsd, in total, six carees, all four parents, son, and sister in law with post natal depression. She abandoned her baby with me and went back to her mum abroad for months. However, in some ways, I kno w caring has made me a better person. I'm more patient, understanding, tolerant, and good at making money stretch. Despite excellent qualifications my caring meant I couldn't work properly. It's also left me with lifelong health issues.
I can describe caring in two words - legalised slavery.