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How much paid for agency carer? - Carers UK Forum

How much paid for agency carer?

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The amount social services are reluctantly offering to pay for agency care to support my caree after he gets home until I do is just under £11 per hour. What does your social services pay? Does anyone use a reliable agency that charges this?

Melly, in my area, that is the PA rate, the agency rate is now a flat rate of £14 per hour. Given the complexity of his needs, I would even expect that S might attract some sort of premium. The difference is apparently mainly because an agency will be charging VAT which the LA will be able to reclaim. (Only just found this out myself, felt a bit dumb when it was spelled out to me, I really should have managed to work it out for myself!!!)
Before Mum went into Care her carer costs were 13.50 an hour, but more at weekends and Bank Holidays.
Some agencies charge double for Bank Holidays, especially Christmas Day.
That's interesting BB.

Elaine, was that what the agency was paid?

The agency that has been coming into my mum, charges £15 per hour and £9.50 per half hour.
Also 30 pence per mile is added on for each visit.
Bank holidays were double and evenings after 7pm are double (in case I needed an evening out)
We have care workers twice a day.
We live in North Wales.
Agency I use for Dad charge £12.50 for half an hour and £14.50 at weekends, £18.00 per hour. Very Expensive but also very good.
Hi all,
Thought as much, thanks for info.
About fifteen months ago, MIL was paying out £14.50 for 45 minutes of agency-provided care (to help her get breakfast and showered/dressed etc) in the Abbeyfield she was at in the Home Counties, if that is any guide for you?? I was quoted, I think, something like £17 an hour for agency-provided care in the West Country, at the same period.
The autism charity I wanted to use cost £18. Soc serv said maximum they pay is just under £11, but they keep changing their minds over whether or not they will pay even that. They think I should be able to find a friend, family member or neighbour to cover those extra few hours!

Stupid woman. In 37 years I've never had one friend who would look after my son. By the time he was 14 he'd worked through all 14 carers who said they could cope with him. Some gave up the first session, some a bit longer, but long term, there was no one. After 2 years without any care, boarding school was the only answer. Clearly the woman needs retraining as to what autism really means - perhaps let her care for S for the day to do a proper assessment?! No, that wouldn't be fair on S.