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in all things...

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
moderation,especially in a forum.
to "err" is human,to"err" on the side of caution is the moderators option.
i was minded to start this thread due to recent discussions on other threads and,watching a very-very-old candid camera stunt,today,the whole thing just occured to me.

a candid camera guy was posing as a newsagent,when a customer came to buy a paper,he would proceed to cut bits out of the front page,saying,when challenged by the customer,as to his actions,"There are some nasty things we dont want yoi to see".Some of the outrages customers responded thus:

"Ive been married 43 years,nothing shocks me!"

"Funny Man"

and when a lady said:"Im not buying a torn bl*****g paper!"the reply came:"Its not torn madam,its censored".

it makes the point,several,in fact.

moderating is a tight rope walk.

i hope the moderator does not let his or her own prejudices cloud the decision to lock a thread?.

i have said elsewhere i favour a light-touch approach.

if we insult one another,use racist sexist,ageist remarks,then,yes,we deserve to be firmly dealt with.

if we scapegoat,migrants,or use sexualu orientation as a prejudice then again,firm action id say.

but discussing sex and the carer,for one recent example,the papel visit,etc,can bring robust views,but,i feel does not warrent a lock.

sex is a topic which is not out-of-bounds,i hope?.

while we must respect all faiths,beliefs etc,we can,i feel,discuss the issues without offending.

but,again,who would be a moderator?.Just as they have their views,you,and I have ours,our red lines,where take offence.

so is there ever consensus in moderation on a forum such as this where,in theory,at any rate,a diverse body of opinion exists?.

can there ever me a moderation protocol we can all love?.
I will flip a coin if it's Heads i will lock this thread if it's Tail's i wont.

Hang on while i flip the coin.

You win it's Tail's.

yep,flip a coin,its as good as any way to "moderate" censor,regulate etc.
but,seriously,i do feel,9 out of 10 times,the folks here who moderate,are,well,moderate about it.i am mindfull of the fact they do change their minds.unlock now and again.so,its about rightish,i think.
Tut Tut i might change my mind.
oh crumbs,above us all tis the all seeing presence.