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How much CA do you get? -Carers UK Forum

How much CA do you get?

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This topic comes up time and time again about who is in receipt of CA and if not why not.

So I will start it off................

I do not receive CA.


Mam was in receipt of severe disability premium so for me to claim she would have lost that.It was something she needed so was a no go.

Now with Robert, since we have an excellent care package in place I am able to work.I was £10 over the earnings limit so unable to claim.
Earnings limit of £95 per week means you can only take a job on that more or less pays minimum wage.I know you can offset certain expenses but in my case they do not apply.

Next ............................

Neither do I.
Because I am of pension age didn't get it before because i was on incapacity benefit overlap rule.
i get it £48.65 CA and Income support of £43.87.

its not easy.
l am on incapcity benefit so l dont get it never have done
Just £48.65 CA - I used to earn just over £22k a year, bit of a drop in income Image

Paula xx
I only work a few hours a week, but still earn too much to claim
I get £43 a week CA as they say they overpaid me and I have to pay it back at £5 a week
Hi I get 46.85 but our I.S. is reduced by the same amount so effectively the extra money is the premium amount of.....27.15 Image

Like almost everyone else,who is hit by the unfair overlapping benefits rule.
People on benefits or pensions in real terms only receive the premium or other Carer reductions that count towards council tax & housing etc. Image

marie x
£49 pr week i do have private pension but it is disregarded therefore i receive the allowance buyt as i have private pension get no other help at all except 25% council tax discount

iam 57 years old .

I've just applied for Income Support and CA since I'm looking after my Mum, but am confused as to how much I will receive. I spoke to someone on the phone at the Job Centre, but they only seemed to confuse matters more...

I am entitled to the full amount of IS, since I have few savings, therefore the benefits are:

IS £59
CA £48
IS Premium £27

Does this mean I will receive £134/week, or does the CA eat into the IS? Therefore...

IS £59 - £48 = £11
CA £48
IS Premium £27

Total £86/week?

Please could you advise me how to work this all out... Many Thanks Image