Family and Friends test?

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On another forum, when someone asked what to do when a care plan wasnt being followed, a health care worker wrote
" google NHS Family and Friends Test which should take you to a number of NHS sites explaining this and seeking feedback. It's a very useful fundamental principle adopted over the last 15 years in challenging and raising NHS and social care practice at an individual level and an organisational level. All services should ask themselves whether the service they provide is good enough for their family and friends. Hope this helps."

Has anyone else heard of this or used it when complaining or asking for action.?

Btw other suggestions were e-mail Head of Service and Pals
I seem to regularly get asked to fill in one of these forms; either via a text message on my mobile phone after a Dr's appointment or handed a form to fill in at a hospital appointment !
No I haven't. Shall google it later and store for future reference. Have you used it Mrs. A?

No Melly, only came across it late last night. Research will commence shortly :?:
I think I've filled form in a couple of times- leg ulcers and cottage hopsital. If the questions are the ones I am thinking of it seems a bit daft. If your friends and family have infected leg ulcers- would you use this nursing service- er yes of course I would.
If your friends and family fell down the stairs breaking their leg in several places would you use this rehab hospital- er now let me think about that one! Of course I would.