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Ghost Hunt!!

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Ghost Hunt at Lupton House 30th October 2011

My daughter Wendy took me on a ghost hunt at Lupton House, Nr Brixham, Devon. The hunt was arranged by Nicky Allan, a celebrity psychic medium, a friend of Wendy's, who has a TV programme on channel 5 called Angels with Gloria Hunniford.

We arrived at 8.30pm. We entered Lupton House along a long winding drive through woodland. Lupton is a big old mansion in poor repair, run by two women, who are themselves mediums. They have acquired lottery funding to renovate the property back to it's former glory.
I felt very apprehensive on seeing the big rather ugly building before us.
The courtesy lights were on so we could see quite clearly how run down the old place really was.

We entered the front door into a large hallway, with a huge statue of the original resident, Mr Upton in white marble. We then gathered in the huge drawing room, some twenty odd of us and were shown a film of another paranormal investigation meeting at an old pub in Essex. This film showed one of the guests being physically attacked by a ghost called Mathew Hopkins, a Witch Finder General from the 1600's. He scratched the back of this man very badly in all different directions. Nicky had an awful job to control this phenomenon as he was very strong and nasty.
They attracted him through using an Ouija board, which I'm glad to say we didn't use. I don't like them after having past frightening experiences with them.
I got a bit bored as the film lasted over an hour. I didn't come to sit and watch a film. I came to do the real thing. I wasn't going to be disappointed!

We split up into two groups. Nicky took us down to the cellars, where we all sat down on chairs in the pitch dark. There was another medium in our group and she and Nicky started picking up on a mans presents and a little girl called Rosemary. She said she had died from , Consumption (TB).
We then moved into another part of the cellar and all sat down again. Now this time things began to happen. We heard children running over head, talking and laughing, yet the other group were sitting silently in another part of the house.
Then Nicky felt a pull on her arm and said "Oh hello little boy and how old are you?", we all heard a child's voice say "Sev-en" Nicky then said "Oh so your seven."
Not much else happened after that, so we all got up to move on to another part of the house.
It was me that spoke up and said "Did anyone else hear that child's voice say 'Sev-en'?" Nicky said 'NO' in a surprised voice. She had only heard it in her head and repeated it to us all, yet all of us heard it quite clearly.

We moved on into another room where the others were holding their vigil. They grumbled at us for disturbing them as things had started to happen, so we moved on to the entrance hall.
We sat around for a while, but apart from a few clicks and noises, nothing happened there.
We then all went upstairs into one of the bed chambers were we held a se'ance around his big oval table. I had to be told to put my hands flat on the table top, as everyone else had done. We sat like that for a few moments and then the floor started vibrating, getting louder and louder!
A few of the others panicked and started demanding who was stamping their feet, but nobody was! It gradually got less and less and stopped, never to happen again.
Me and Wendy decided we would change round and let two of the others take our places. One of the mediums started all that chanting mumbo jumbo and Wendy started pretending to yawn and set me off sniggering. Eventually Nicky took over and then things began to happen. She said "There's children by the door. Come in children and show us what you can do. Move the table for us." She asked them a few more times and the table started to vibrate, then it tilted on two legs.
In the mean time, four others were on another small table. That one started to dance around and moved across the room from one side to the other.
Me and Wendy jumped up and shone our torch under the big table. It was now standing right up on end. I kept willing it to leave the floor completely, but it never did. Then it started spinning round and round, with everyone trying to keep up with it and keep their hands flat on the top of it. They were all shouting instructions at it and it obeyed their every command. Tilting and stopping and whirling round and round.

Eventually Nicky said "Come on everyone, I think we've had enough now. Lets go and get some refreshments."
I said to Wendy. "We cant leave the table like this, lets put it back in the middle of the room." We both had to lift it as it was far to heavy for one to do it. We put it back onto the big carpet square that it had been dancing round on. I said "Wen, there's no way that this is a fix, but I don't think spirits moved it, I just think it was human energy willing it to move." Nicky heard me and said yes your right, but it's the spirits using our energy to do it." I still have to be convinced on that score.

The weird part about all this, was that neither of us felt the slightest bit scared at any point in the evening or night. Just excited and fascinated. In fact it was brilliant!

It was now 1.00am and we all trouped down to this large room with oppressive huge black marble pillars and fireplace. An uglier room I have yet to see.
The lights went on then and we all sat talking at once about our experiences. There were five of us who have never been on a ghost hunt before and we all agreed that in no way was anything that had happened false. In fact it was all very real!

After our tea, soup, rolls and cake, we split up into two groups again. The others went down the cellars and we went into the kitchen.
Again there was a small but heavy table which we all but Nicky sat around. I just rested my finger tips on it and it started to rock back and forth, getting faster and faster, until it was moving sideways.
Nicky said that it was the young girl called Rosemary that was doing it. Nicky then left us and went into the bigger part of the kitchen, where a tap turned it self on and off.......or so Nicky said, I'm not convinced as I didn't see or hear it do it.
She then said the little girl wanted us to follow her up the back staircase, where she used to play. We sat on the landing for quite some time, but nothing happened there for me, though Wendy said she saw shadows moving about down the corridor. I had my back to it so didn't see anything.
I was now very tired and actually getting bored. We all trouped back into the kitchen where again nothing happened, so me and Wendy left at 2.30am. The others carried on till about 4.30am and we've yet to hear if we missed anything, but I doubt it somehow.

It was an amazing experience and that night we both said we wouldn't want to do it again, yet next day we were both up for it and will certainly be going on the next one!

That night we both slept like logs and woke up at 10.00am quite refreshed and buzzing about the night before. In fact we still are and keep making each other jump by sneaking up behind each other whispering.........'SEV-EN'.
Yep sounds like a typical night.
Our Halloween was amazing, table tipping that freaked out a sceptic and some info that was not known generally was found out.
I and a mate have run these sort of events for a few years as a hobby,charging only enough to pay expenses with myself as the medium.
In fact this month i am in Take a Break,Fate and Fortune for a chance to win a reading from me.
Nice to read other people tales of events
Sounds an interesting night Pete. I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to this sort of thing. My mum would often see 'ghosts'. she has seen a cavalier, in our scullery, in London.

I have a kidney condition, which is said to have only come to light, when, my nan (mum's mum)
come to her and told her to take the baby (me) to see a Dr. My nan died when my mum was two.

I think my mum was a medium, or size 14, I'm to big to be a medium though.
SPOOKY really enjoyed that story Pete. I will look this Lupton House
up on the net. I used to love Derek Acorah , most haunted fame , then they tried to make him
look like a fool. Happy ghost hunting , let us know what happens on the next one.
that was great to read pete i woud love to have gone on that it feels like i have now it was well roght thanks pete Image Image Image
Sounds great Pete Image
Sounds like you had a great time Pete - but all the same don't tink I'll be doing anything like it ever Image
One bit I did forget was as we all entered the kitchen in the dark, a spoon came flying through the air and hit a fridge door, which then proceeded to open. I only saw the spoon on the floor and heard it hit the fridge and saw the fridge door swinging open, as Nicky switched her torch onto it.
Being still a bit of a sceptic, there was one of the house mediums standing over by where the spoon came from, but how did the fridge door open by itself?

Any ideas Lowrider? Image
Hard to say Pete.
If that had been my event the first thing i would have done was to see if tossing the spoon at the fridge made the door open again.
Then if poss looked at where the spoon was to see if someone could have knocked it off when they entered.
Lastly put everything back where is was and hold a vigil and ask for it to happen again.
If it did on command so to speak then you have something very interesting
Phew I'm exhausted been throwing spoons at my fridge door all morning nothings happened.......apart from my fridge door now has lots of little dents in it Image Image