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how many caresrs are ill

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Little Lamb I don't know how you survive. You clearly need help. Anyone with less strength that you would have cracked long ago. Maybe its time to stop asking for help and start demanding it with deadlines. If you don't get what you need by X date you will leave the caree at A&E where they will become the states problem because they will not be allowed back into your home without appropriate back up and support. I know this sounds harsh but you need to put your own sanity first.
Hi Dipsy

Thank you for your message. I would love to drop him at A & E but the problem is that I cant get him there! I cant shift him. He is not in my house he is in his own house. Currently I am hiding in my own flat which is on a top floor therefore he wont get here. One of my daughters is changing buses within a few hundren yards of his house today but she wont go in! I have fought tooth and nail at times. I have even told a hospital that I have his house keys and you will have to fight me for them! They must have had a good laugh at that! I have letters from the NHS Trust stating that my distress was noted during the last hospital stay but still they discharged.

All I can do is stay hiding in my flat but I had wanted to make sure my father was properly looked after. He is in an awful state physically. They say he is alert mentally. If he says he wants to go home then they will send him home. All I have is walk away but I want to get him looked after. I do care but no-one is listening to me.

Thank you

Little Lamb
LittleLamb, I have been there with one of my sons and the NHS. I still have copies of the letters I sent, begging for support for him,".....or I truly believe I will find him dead in his flat one day." He died five months after I wrote that one.
He was once discharged from hospital without my knowledge. When I asked them what address he had been discharged to, I was told they didn't know. I pointed out that he had no money, his flat was 10 miles away,he had no food in his flat(but plenty of alcohol),and he was an insulin dependent diabetic who was suffering from depression. Within 10 minutes they phoned me back with his discharge address! They also put me in touch with the Diabetes Sister who told me she had spoken to him the previous day. I have seen his NHS notes since, and the day she said she spoke to him, the Intensive Care staff had written down that she was unavailable, so could not hvae spoken to my son.He was discharged straight from Intensive Care,not even a general ward, which would be usual(and he did not discharge himself).
Keep a record of everything LittleLamb.You never know when you might need it.
Hi Lazydaisy

Lucky for me I used to work in legal many years ago and I am good at keeping files. On top of that when anything happens I send emails to both of my kids telling them all about it. I always keep those emails. I have some cracking bits of paper i.e. they discharged him with a chest infection and MRSA and I have Asthma and Eczema. I told them I took this as a threat to my own welfare!

I have records of me being sent for urgent tests for losing too much weight too quickly without trying but after all the tests it was anxiety. They wrote recently about my distress on the ward on two different days to which my reply was the distress caused to me was noted twice and still you discharged! I am getting too cheeky. I would not be getting cheeky if they were not so obtuse.

Little Lamb