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how many caresrs are ill

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Great in'it. Image
I know the feeling (((hugs))) caring messed my body up royally
I went from a healthy 9 stone to 6 and a half in a few months when I found out my son had autism. Being a carer regardless of your caree's illness/disability is stressful. I love my son to pieces but I hated the factor he has autism. I've felt so alone and worthless i even thought abut putting him to care b4 (very long time ago). I still blame myself for his disability as I found out it runs in the family. Every carer goes through dark times so your not alone. It can get better, do you go to any support groups for carer's in your area believe me a coffee and rant can do the world of good. Is there any chance you could do a community/part time course to build your social circle and confidence ? x x
Depression and stress. It's putting a real strain on my marriage and I have been missing days of my part time job. It's a viscious circle as if I lose my 3 days a week job I will be broke and feel like 100% of my life is caring and I will have nothing left.
Hi there

Unwell - hmmm its an interesting concept but not many people out there are that concerned, i know from experience when i say there is something wrong ive had to fight for every scrap of help from doctors. If i say im a Carer no one bats and eyelid Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Manic Depression ( in crisis mode every day)
Prolapse Spinal Discs with degenerative Osteo Arthritis at source - morphine patches and other drugs
Hypothroidism - tired +++
Perimenopause - to add insult to injury hot flushes every flippin 30 minutes at mo

BUT i dont complain MUCH Image Image Image

Marvin the paranoid android quote "LIFE - dont talk to me about life"
id love to wave my hand and say hey im ok!! but alas i am typing with one while the other is splinted,, it was a good idea to dance on the stairs and make the girls giggle- yet falling down very hard and damaging old scarred bone- hillarious, carebear is 16 months old and snorted laughing and amy couldnt stop laughing either! evil children and then in a+e the lil monkeys giggled even more and carebear kept jiggling about in her push chair to make amy laugh and then amy kept doing it as well!
Well it's one way to amuse the kids but you'll run out of whole bones! Image

Quick answer to the question: 66% of carers providing over 20 hours of care a week reported to a government survey that their health had been affected by caring. The study - can't remember the name offhand but think it was called "Carers in Households 2009/10" - talked to over 16,000 carers, and reflected the findings of other surveys of a similar nature over the last 15-20 years.
Quicker answer: Too many! Image
I am ill but it has not one thing to do with being a carer ..depression, H.B.P/angina .diabetes, arthritis , damaged knee which will be operated on when i am ready,back pain para accident , i have 4 area`s of damaged skin and again will have plastic surgery when i am ready , due to constant nose bleeds i will have day surgery ( lazer) ...soooon....i am sure not one of my health problems are related to being a carer ...
I have been crying since the begining of April. I lost a person who was vey dear to me but due to my caring role I was unable to anything other than attend the funeral and even that had to be done surreptiously. Caree would have tried to prevent me had they known the date and time.

My caree has been in a dreadful state since December 2009. There have been many stays in hospitals. I get stupid requests like you take him home. I am a small female and this is a large man who cant walk and is always transported in a 2 man ambulance. In October 2010 at the end of a 3 month hospitalisation during which I was told I would not be expected to do 24/7 again I told them they had lied and I did not want to live if this was to be my life. (I do not want to kill myself I just want another life) The discharge went ahead and I spent 6 months literally pushing him upstairs because a stair lift had been refused. In those 6 months I fought and got a stair lift. In August 2011 there was another stay in hospital. I was still going about crying and told the hospital I could not go on, I am old, ill, and tired and have multiple illnesses myself and that I was still upset by the bereavement. They would not listen. I ran away on the day of the discharge and was duly hauled back. I am emotionally blackmailed into caring because my caree is in a right mess. I go about crying. I drive crying. I go through the supermarket crying. It just does not matter how the carer is as long as the hospital and caree are suited - F--- the carer. No wonder I feel so unloved despite my best efforts.

A year after telling the hospital I dont want to live like this I am still forcibly in this situation and it is only going to get worse.
Little Lamb
P.S. Honestly I am not going to kill myself I just want a different life. I would not give the B------- the satisfaction.
Oh dear Little Lamb, you really MUST MAKE things change, you cant carry on like this, it's just not fair!

Bless your heart, your just too kind hearted thats your trouble.

Pete (((((((hug))))))) xx