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how many caresrs are ill

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I've had some health issues myself.
Depression (which is being treated and is due to many things)
Back issues (as I had to physically carry Grace up and down three flights of stairs for a year or so)

I'm glad you've got help for your issues Mr Turk and a very well done for getting help.
Prolapse (repaired but it failed due to caring responsibilities so not worth repairing again), umbilical hernia gradually getting worse (again, can't have surgery because of caring responsibilities), diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in June (eating wrong stuff at odd times), Debendox damage (thalidomide) making balance really poor and affecting caring ability, and also a manifesting carrier of DMD (progressing as I age) also affecting ability to care and causing majority of work to fall on my husband who has an inguinal hernia (also had surgery but it failed because of caring responsibilities and not worth repairing again whilst still caring) and a pacemaker.

I think having a son with Downs Syndrome,I am extremely fortunate that the caring is not heavy end. It can be very hardgoing mentally;he is way ahead of me on premierleague football teams and many songs/songwriters, actors by character name and actual name,so when I have a break from him, it is my mind that is glad of a rest.
My husband's needs are different,and if we are out then I always have to guide him,it can get stressful when I am looking out for dog mess on the pavement or overhanging branches by his head, or cars parked on pavements.Far more stressful in the longterm than my son's needs.
(My son's Diabetes needs are an issue,and very difficult to cope with.This week his blood sugars have been falling dangerously low and we have to try to find a reason, and get it settled). It means he is at home with us more,although our daughter is having him to stay for the weekend.
I am not in the best of health, but fortunate that my daughter is around to help.
Hi All

Had to go see caree's consultant today. I would have imagined that a consultant would be quite an inteeligent person. This one could not get it that by forcing me into caring is only going to lead to resentment. The constant stressing me out with discharge dates is cruelty to me. Making him have medication which they say is very necessary but makes him ill worried me to death. The years of pressure have taken their toll. I have sick lines from my GP giving anxiety as my illness covering the same dates that caree was in and out of hospital but apparently this consultant either could not or would not get the connection. I was not asked if I wanted to care or even if I could care. This is total lack of manners. Was not given any options. I had typed a list of carees operations, illnesses and conditions, including 3 major organs which are in failure, told the consultant that to an untrained person like me this is a scary list of very serious problems. The consultant said it is all under control so I have nothing to worry about!! Aye well to someone who has spent years worried to the point of severe illness I WORRY not only about caree but also about me. Will I live long enough to have a life after caring or will I be dead sooner? I dont know but I am not a happy bunny that it seems that I dont have a choice but to care. The only other alternative is to move away from here and stay gone forever. This is force and emotional blackmail

Sorry about the rant I am seriously furious about all this.

Little Lamb
Oh This aint hard.Its easy.LOADS of carers,to answer the original question,have become ill due ,in full or in part,because of being carers.

Its a fact of life.The reasons are many have been very well covered and discussed in many threads here over time.This is the latest.

Its no less sad for the fact its NO surprise.But Its how it is.Part of many cares stories.
I'm epileptic. The one thing that really makes me ill is stress. I used to be a nurse. I didn't have a fit for three yrs. Then I became a carer. I'm averaging a fit every 2wks.
I've just being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both shoulders, The last thing the consultant said to me was "Don't lift anything heavy" I just said that's not going to happen!
Hi All

Just read Kev's post and it reminded me of a similar situation. I have eczema as well as a number of other illnesses. I was a carer to someone just out of hospital and a mother of a teenager and a toddler. The eczema was worst on my hands and wrists. It was probably exacerbated by the stress of caring and having kids. Went to the Dr and he told me with a completely straight face to keep my hands out of water! I dont think he even got it when he saw the shocked look on my face. He went on to explain that soaps have acids in them and cleaning things have even more acids! I just left it at that. Clearly post operative care and wee kids need a lot of cleaning and teenagers well they are a whole other tale.

Little Lamb
I'm ill, too.

I was born with a hearing impairment in both ears and asthma.

I developed depression at the tender age of 17-18 when I lost a very close childhood friend, I guess his death plus an abusive caree at the time just tipped me over the edge. The suicidal tendencies kicked in about then, too, these weren't directly related to my caring role but they have had a big impact upon it in that I couldn't work unless I'd hurt myself first. It's even led to my caree having to take things off me as I'd been harming myself. In later years, the self harming gradually petered away and I stopped altogether about 6 years ago but I fell back into it just over a year ago with a minor injury session. I struggle most with it during winter when I can't divert my mind as easily as I can in summer.

I injured my back about 3 years ago when my caree had wedged himself between the toilet and the wall, forcing me to pick him up on my own - I knew I'd done something to it at the time because I felt it crunch.

I've had problems with my knees ever since I was 9 - it was discovered that my knees are a T joint rather than the typical L joint
Well Caring buggered me up thats for sure. I was very fit as a Painter & Decorator and my legs were the strongest part of my body, having climbed ladders for fifty years.
Sitting around at home did them in and I now have varicose veins, valves that dont work properly and arthritis in my feet, left knee and right ankle. Also plantar fasciitis in my right heel.

Great in'it. Image