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how many caresrs are ill

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how many cares have become ill in there roll as carers whether pysicol or mentall i have had mentall health problems i have self harmed by cuting my arm i dont think i wold of done that if i was back at work and my wife was not ill i got help and i am getting throu it i still have bad days i just wounderd how many there is or how many are ill but dont know it Image
I've been physically ill for a few months now on and off. I recently found out I had stomach and intestanal ulcers due to stress. Having had stomch problems for years and now they are going I assume I've had them for years...just never really had the time to go to the drs to do something about them until reciently. I've never self harmed nor have I ever wanted to but I did have depression after my 14 year old was born for a variety of reasons but it soon went.
Hi Mr Turk, caring IS highly stressful - big responsibility, long hours, no breaks; no wonder carers get sick.

Caring has caused me stress and anxiety and exhaustion. The stress had given me problems with my shoulders and neck - too tense. When I do get a break, I often burst into tears ...

You are not alone. Take a look at the Carer's Health forum. We all know we should look after ourselves but it isn't always easy to put into practise.

Have you had a carer's assessment?

Hi Mr Turk

I have become ill since becoming a carer. I cant be 100% sure that it is the caring for some of the illnesses. I was diagnosed with asthma shortly after starting caring. I was in my 40s no sign of asthma before but both my kids are asthmatic even though their fathers not known to have any signs of it. I dont know why I got into the 40s before this appeared. I have pernicious anemia which I think I got because I was skipping meals and running about looking after kids working and caring so that could well be due to caring. In 2008 caree was yoyo ing in and out of hospital I lost a load of weight but was not dieting, was sent for tests everything fine so it was put down to anxiety. In 2010 caree was yoyo ing again I got high blood pressures recorded, again put down to anxiety. This year I stopped smoking and put on a bit of weight. Caree is yoyo ing again and now almost lost all the weight put on after stopping smoking. I definitely think caring is not good for the health of the carer especially as we dont do normal hours or the average 40 hours per week, we dont do 5 days a week and we dont get holidays or any form of break. Perhaps if we had decent conditions of work we would be healthier.

Little Lamb

PS I will be interested in any replies to this thread
I guess i too have health problems but nothing that I feel I should bother a doctor with. Although I do have high blood pressure and have to go back to see my doctor as the pills she put me on gave me an horrendous cough that lasted months. I only have high blood pressure through stress and since I started caring for my parents, and more so since my dad died, I've had more stress so had to go on pills. I have aches and pains in my shoulder, my back and, mainly my right leg and hip. I sleep badly which makes me irritable and I'm finding that I'm getting angry more at some of the things my family say. I'm lucky in that I don't look after my mam 24/7. A friend of mine does and last winter she had a breakdown and need to take some tablets to keep her calm. she said that I should get my doc to give me something so that I don't get to the same point she did. So, as Melly says, carers have long hours and no breaks. We can't phone in sick when we don't feel well and we can't always put in for our annual 2 week summer holiday. Because we are under a lot of stress it takes it's toll on our bodies.
Spot on little lamb. I got really bad migraine and dizzy spells. you cant get time for a doctor or a
dentist. or a lovely holiday, If Only , can I say for everybody.
Dead right Linda everything you said I agree, you have to be alert all the time.
id love to know wot a full night of sleep is!

my back hurts
i get head aches
i have ibs from eating rubbish to keep me going
and i get very irratable

apart from that im fine and dandy!
Hi, hubby's had a stroke and now got vascular demntia. It's been 24/7 for 4+ years on my own.
Me, i've got osteo arthritis of..... neck, spine, hands, feet, one hip resuraced 6 weeks before hubbys stroke and now it's got to be replaced (20th september) because some idiot put the original in at the wrong angle.

The worst thing?!!!!!!
Social services say I've got to pay for care for hubby while I recover from hip-op, everyone else gets 6 weeks free care but because it will be hubby needing the care I have to pay £70-£80 a week.

(forgot to say that I've been sitting on the bathroom floor all this time to wash his lower half because I cannot bend down properly)
I dont know which is the worst, biking the tandem, climbing the mountains, or paddling the canoe. I feel very knackered after a hard day caring for my son, but I guess he is probably keeping me fitter and more active than most blokes in my agegroup (mid-late fifties). So on balance, yes I'm knackered trying to keep up with him, but hell, I have never felt fitter in my life!