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How many carers live off a credit card??? - Carers UK Forum

How many carers live off a credit card???

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Hi just been going through my finances, and have noticed that i have become dependent on my credit card. You know spending on that rather than using my debit card then paying it off as and when i can.

Just wondered how many other's live like this... its like rather than draw out cash i just bung it on the card... and have a small amount of cash that i saved through 20p etc.

Had a nasty experience last time i tried to get cash out an atm, machine nicked my card and left me unable to get money out and i dont think i have used one since.
I have a credit card which pays an annual return if full amount is paid off each month. I put everything on the card and somehow manage to have enough to pay it all off. The credit paid in January pays my car insurance. More cunning finance for us as I never have to pay it up. Have a second credit card I could use in an emergency to give an extra few weeks before it would have to be paid.

Take care
Thats exactly what i do, as i dont go out much i dont really need cash, just put it on the card which is helping me build up some sort of credit rating. I just spend as much as i know i can pay back within the month. Then have enough left for the other bills ie phone and catalogues.. without getting into debt as such.

Hard i know, but thats what happens on benefits i guess.

You sound like a nice lady meg and thanks for your advice x
i use my card that way too,paying it off at months end.
Hi guys, I used to pay it all at the end of the month too but that was before I was a Carer - not anymore - I just can't!
Our washing machine broke down and with all the seizures - vomit and incontinence - I was desperate! OK it's costing me a bit more for the purchase but it did relieve a lot of pressure and struggle so on balance I'd buy emergency equipment I really needed that way again!

I'd love to be in the position not to use credit but sadly, at the moment, it's just not an option for us.
Marie x
We dont have a credit card we cant get one but one would be very welcome at times in case of emergencies
Affinity credit cards help charities.I wonder it Carers UK could consider having one?.
I dont have a credit card but by god my overdraft is taking a hammering and im now slipping over the edge of that each month which incurrs charges, im desperate to get out of that but it seems damned near impossible, I either pay the overdraft or we dont eat its as simple as that.
Clothes and other stuff (Microwave blew up) had to come off the catalogue which I hate using and will only do so if we are desperate.

But unless I get a windfall or things imrpove to the point where I can return to work thats the way things are!