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hospital negligence

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my wife had an injection to help her arthritis last august in her leg,the leg has been swollen for a year now,been checked now has a dvt in her calf vein,been taking warfarin to get it down but getting worse,still waiting for extension on the house to be finished and she fell down the bottom 4 steps on the stairs friday night and hurt herself,how do i get someone to admit they have messed up and get it sorted and if need be some compensation to cover the cost of a wheelchair etc,not after getting rich and sueing for a get rich scheme,just want people to listen
hi malk our local hospital has a a complints department its called pals they work in the hospital but are independent they are very good is there anything like that at your hospital its worth checking out good luck in your in your search for justice Image Image
thanks mr turk i will chase it up,it's bad enough with the alzheimers without having my wife end up in a wheelchair as well,i'm going to need help with that scenario and 1 number on the lottery isn't going to help the cost of it
Hi malc,we also have a complains dept. in our local hospital but not sure it was independant. I had to complain of my daughters treatment in high dependency unit from one of the nurses and was told i needed to complain to the matron of the ward. to this day i am not sure if the matron did/said anything to the said nurse but i still seath when i think of that episode. Good luck with your fight and i do hope that you get it resolved both for yourself and wifes sake. Please let us know how you get on x Image
If you send a complaint, then make sure you write down the date. I put in an official complaint which was received by the NHS on 11th March this year. They have not responded yet, other than to say they will be in touch soon. I have written to the Ombudsman twice, who have told me each time that the complaints dept will be in touch with me within a fortnight.The first time they told me that was in June!
The complaint is with regard to the "care" that my younger son had from them. He died suddenly two years ago after I had been asking for help. His death was recorded by the Coroner as natural causes(an insulin dependent diabetic with other health problems that were undiagnosed for some reason).The queries I had should have been readily answered,as they may have cropped up during the inquest.
I can only think they are hoping I will drop it, but I can't.My heart wants to know the reason for my son's death, why the hospital did not pick up on obvious health problems.I may never know the answers, but I still want them to respond to the mistakes,before and since his death. They sent me incorrect information about his postmortem, which when I read it, made me feel suicidal,and it was only my husband and my sister who kept me here for several days, until I could speak to the Coroner.
Oh Lazy,so very sorry to hear of your loss ((((hugz)))) it is a parents worst nightmare and i came close so i can only imagine what you are having to go through. I too would need to have all my questions answered,unfortunately the NHS wheels of motion are far too slow and not very forthcoming at best of times. Their communication is almost none existant and they expect ppl to know what questions to ask,what department to go to,best time to ask etc and all this whilst trying to deal with major trauma,accidents,negligence and in some instances - death!!!! I most definately hope that you get all your answers soon and can put it all to rest. I would (correct me if i am wrong) imagine you are still coming to terms with your sons death as it is a massive deal. My heart goes out to you and i shall be thinking of you xxxx
i've been hospital today ,went to pals because we were facing the prospect of seeing an understudy again,they got us in to see the consultant who put the swelling down to coincidence and said they can't do anything for it because the clot has gone and now it's scarring,i explained that the swelling came at the time of the steroid injection and i didn't believe in coincidence,he was covering his back obviously,so i wasn't too happy with the outcome but not surprised,so i will get back in touch with pals and get a second opinion arranged,what annoys me is you go to these people for help and they make it worse,it's bad enough waiting for the alzheimers to get worse and the problems that come with it,throw lack of mobility in the mix and we're stuffed
Stand your ground,coincidence my backside,i don't even know the whole story but even i can tell it was obviousley down to the injection (hugz) x It makes my blood boil when the powers that be try to con us. Much warmth and kindness to you and your wife xxx Image
angela,the steroid injection was supposed to ease the pain while we were in middlesbrough for the weekend last year for the wifes ,uncles birthday bash(60) and then out and about in town and off to redcar etc,quite ironic really isn't it,like i said swollen for a year and down the bottom four steps on friday,wish we had got diagnosis of arthritis and not gone again,now facing wife in wheelchair and life looking worse than ever,idiots
Flippin heck, Malc, haven't you got enough to cope with?
As with all letters, make sure you keep a copy for yourself, always, always. And I jot down at the top of my copies, the date which I posted or delivered them.