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How do you spend your respite time? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

How do you spend your respite time?

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Myra, we always have worries too when our son is in respite, due to phone calls about his medication.
Thankfully, our daughter now looks after him over night once or twice a week,and it is doing us all a lot of good. She understands his diabetes needs,he loves being with her, her toddler and her dog, my husband and I get breathing space.This has only happened over the last three weeks or so, I haven't had time to get used to it yet,hoping to be able to go out walking by myself(well, with our dog). When I am with my son, he talks non-stop and I like to have peace, to think to myself.
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Our Rob is going to the children's hospice for a weekend in September and that will be the first break we have had since April - we don't get much time when he is there as we have to take him on the Friday after 3.00pm and pick him up on the Sunday before 11.00am (its at the other side of Scotland so a lot of time is spent driving there and back). We get a long lie on the Saturday (we are normally up at 6.15am) and maybe out for a meal or a takeaway on the Saturday night and that's about it.

I do all sorts of stuff: work, relax, and every so often just enjoy having some company and support whilst doing fun things with my son. Tomorrow the weather forecast is looking good, so I will be off canoeing, picnicking and bike riding on Loch Lomond shores with my boy and his peer-supporter: hopefully all three of us will have a fine day out. There are times when two is a bit restrictive, three is better company. And anyway I find pedalling that tandem and paddling that canoe bloody hard work at my age!
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Aw ,Penny-have you got a social worker who can get you a break? Perhaps they're snowed under with requests where you live? Everyone needs a break-ask social services to remedy this- and ask them regularly.

My daughter has 14 days per year.This year ,Oct-October, she's just had her first 4 day break at a nice old rectory - and I buzzed off to Dublin for 24 hours on the ferry (close to home).My Auntie came with me,with wheelchair, but it was so easy and relaxing.(the cobbles in Temple Bar were a bit of a pain in the butt though.)It was her first time "abroad" and she's 82 ,so I enjoyed showing her the sights.We did the tour bus and a scrumptious dinner in a bar with live irish music.

When we came home(2hours on the ferry), I drove down to Birmingham to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.It was fabulous! Lots of contemporary and art quilts this year and lots more men appreciating the work.Better than an art exhibition-and the standard was astounding.Stayed in a large pub/hotel for 2 nights (getting regular updates from daughter detailing what SHE was doing) and on the second night, there was a huge group of young peope partying.I dozed through most of it !!,till someone put their elbow through a fire alarm glass and that brought me downstairs, so I stayed up till the party finished. Image

Respite workers brought daughter home and had even done all her washing-so it was a big thumbs up to them.We have 3 more days next month, so I'm already planning what to do with them.Get out of the house,certainly.
Ooh Flossie, sound like time well spent - on you - well done.

Me, I sometimes just waste time having fun with my boy, amusingly, with helpful backup from his peer-support worker: exploring secret islands by canoe, on foot and by bike ... I don't actually need respite, I need respite FROM respite: and now I'm knackered, but a damn sight fitter and happier for it, LOL!


My favourite past time is open water swimming. I sometimes feel guilty as my husband if health was better would love to go as he used to be an outdoor type but I cant change that and he encourages me to go. For the time I swim in the lake even if its only 13oc (a bit cold) I feel alive and my positive mental health is restored as I forget all the worries I have for a short while an have ME time, you should give it a go its liberating !!!
Hope you have some lovely well deserved time off.