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How do you spend your respite time? - Carers UK Forum

How do you spend your respite time?

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So next week fingers crossed we are getting 2 four hour sessions of respite sits.

What do you do with yours? Do you find you spend your time catching up with the things that you don't have time for when caring (bill paying shopping etc) Or do you actually spend it doing things for yourself?

As I now have the funding through for my relaxation therapies I thought I would make sure that I booked those sessions in my respite sessions and as one of the days is the same day as my mum gets respite for my dad I could spend some time with her. But what am I going to do with the rest of the time???
Do you have any hobbies, or friends to have coffee with .

I dont get time off at the mo as its the school hols, but to be honest im already wondering what im going to do to fill my time when hes back at school.
Looking into a volunteer job.

Tracey x
I quite enjoy having unplanned time as it means I can do what I feel at the time. I usually just want to do something simple like read a book or go for a walk, but it's the change of doing what I want in my own time and not having to be anywhere else or doing anything else.

If you do end up catching up on work I would suggest setting yourself a limit (like only doing 3 tasks, or only working for 45mins) because it's easy to get carried away and take advantage of the opportunity, only to come to the end having not relaxed at all Image
Hi Booksey,

I try and split the time so that I catch up on essential jobs (paying bills, sorting out house) and then try and have a "me" element too - going out/meeting someone/catching up on sleep etc. If I achieve this split, I benefit most.

I'm better with a plan, otherwise I am so overwhelmed I tend to burst into tears.

Hi Booksey,

Since my nervous breakdown in June (had loads of warning signs over the past year that I'd ignored and Lord, did I pay the price?), I am ensuring I do something for myself every day.

I'm waking up early every morning at the moment, have some quiet time just looking through bits and pieces on the computer, tidying up the bathroom and kitchen, do some meditation, do some paperwork I can cope with (all seems too much of a blur at the minute - I've gone downhill in the past couple of days... Image ) - get it all done by midday (or stop earlier if Youngest wakes up earlier), ensuring the afternoons are family afternoons (well, our definition of family afternoons which normally means one ASD teenager with a low boredom threshold wanting to do something new every five minutes to another ASD child not wanting to go anywhere because if she had her way, she wouldn't go out at all, too anxious to go out, etc.).

I try to spend some time sitting outdoors in the sunshine most evenings, writing out gratitude lists, writing out lists of people I love, reading books, knowing that the Girls are both OK with what they're doing indoors.

Good advice from Tracey and BB though - very sound advice indeed Image

Sezzie x x x
I like to go to the gym,keeps you fits...ish and strong and help to burn off the bits of lifes irritations
i go work for my break,this might sound strange but i drive a taxi part time and it's very enjoyable,not like work at all,i chat to my work friends and customers,this sets me up for the week a head,i might be tired but i'm refreshed if that makes any sense
Hi Booksey

I do try to 'do' something for myself, but more often than not I end up doing odd bits of shopping; errands for things to do with Mum (like collecting prescriptions) and, at the moment, visiting Care Homes as we're still looking.

My friends all tend to live some distance away so I can't just 'pop-in' for a quick visit ! And so far I haven't been able to find any activities run by our local Carers Groups that fit in with when I have time off. I do always make sure that I get away from the house though - even if it's only running over to my place to check that it's still standing Image
As its a sit I'm going to have to go out otherwise it defeats the object!!! So far I've got the reflexology, luch with mum, swimming and I've applied for a short OU course so I can go do that in the library for a couple of hours if necessary. Hopefully I can also catch up with a few friends and take the dog out for walks in some different places.
i try and do something for myself and OH on our 4 hourly sessions, but on my sons respite[a week at a time] i try and get sometime to myself, BUT i worry most of the time hes away as there has been so many BAD problems,2 years on the trot we went on holiday to wales and each time we were just inside the welsh border when i got phone calls,sorry but your son is in hospital having his stomach pumped as they had double dosed his epilepsy meds, brought in care commision and was promised that it would never happened again, 2 years later, last week we got a phone call telling us that they had forgot to give him his meds, so once again a wasted holiday for us, thankfully we were just a few miles from the house this time.