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How do you get council housing close to caree? -Carers UK Forum

How do you get council housing close to caree?

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Hi dont know if any one has any ideas but thought it worth a try.
I live in London with partner and 6yr old in 1 bed council flat. Mum lives in Swale, Kent 70mi away and is steadily getting more confused (dad already had advanced dementia and is in residential home - also in Swale , and I am Receiver for him). We are desperately trying to move closer in order to provide her the support she needs - currently trying to unravel problems over the phone (with mixed effect as you can imagine) and visiting as often as poss (currently a 6hr round journey as son wont use tube). I cant go on like this. My partner is 70 with diabetes and renal probs. I have applied to Swale and am on their waiting list (but with only 1/2 the points necessary to be in with a chance to be allocated a property). They gave me 15 points due to effect on my health this is having but apparently no category for facititating caring. Partner is very supportive but the constant travelling is wearing him down.
Our council (Waltham Forest) dont nominate tenants to other areas. Have tried mutual exchange sites - ofter spending hrs daily - looking for anyone in Kent willing to exchange. Rarely does anyone want to move to London from Kent, and it appears never for a 1bed
Mum also is quite physically frail - pacemaker, weak legs. She receives attendance allowance. She lives in privately owned sheltered housing (only support she gets is warden going in if she doesnt put a card outside her door in the morning) There is no way she will move to London. She has a brother and sister-in-law who live in the area and visit occassionally but these visits are social only and they are getting on theirselves and cant do any more. Have filled out EPA but dont see how I can register it and manage it 70 mi away
Any ideas gratfully received
Try your mum's local social services: given her needs it would be cheaper for them if you can move: new rules locally for housing say that social workers can in urgent circumstances allocate additional housing points...it might be the same in Kent?
thanks, I will try that - have already spoken to dad's care manager's and her manager for advice - he suggested CPN could help and when Health get back to me I will also talk about possibility of helping me get more points/move. However I will also speak to Social Services (however most of the areas they cover eg help with shopping/washing/cleaning she seems to be coping with - so they might not see the urgency. I will speak to mum about it all when I see her next week cos up to now done it all without her knowledge incase nothing ever came of it - didnt want to get her hopes up