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How do you Deal with Anger? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

How do you Deal with Anger?

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I let it bottle up and then go ape

Sus I find smashing a plate helps, and then i use it in the pots lol

I come on here and have music on loud helps and then go for a long walk with the dog if the kids r at school

if the kids r at home its normally alice thats managed to wind me up so much i could smash the plate over her head, i ignoring her and having a good time with the others helps to distract and i txt matt to let him know. and when alice gets the hint and buggers off for a few hours I do amys physio and do drawings, or painting or watch a dvd and just wind down to cope with the return of the devil child

Matt shuts himself in his shed to cope with anger, we hear tools flying around and then eventually his bike starts up and he comes in to get his lid and leathers on and goes up the road and back again (and normally its Alice telling him shes going to sue him and go live with her real mum that winds him up)
I tend to bottle everything up and then just cry when I can. I'm not normally an angry person, but caring 24/7 sure does make my blood boil somedays.
Just like Bluebird, if I get really angry, which isn't very often, I just simply cry! Image Can't help it - it just happens. sometimes in the strangest of places!!! Having those reacalite glasses helps cover up the red eyes after! lol (that's if the sun's out of course)....this is beginning to not make sense, as I cry indoors too.
Yup, my mind is definately addled.
I find that it's not anger particularly, but frustration.
I think of the 2 children we lost then i know nothing is worth getting angry over.

It work's for me every time.

Life is to short as 2 of my children found out.

john that is very true,, i get angry with people who dont realise that the silly thing they have got angry over is nothing in comparrison

i think i get angry when people wont help , not on here i mean so called medical professionals just dont care enough to help out or explain where to get help

(and then i smash a plate)
Good subject,

I always keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy at the ready, calms me down in an isntant, but if that doesn't work I also put on some of my faverout music, Northern Soul in my case, Talcum Powder soul, always blows me away. Also I ask spirit to take away my anger & say self understanding self knowledge, it's a Tebetan language, but I find it dows also work, especially for the siliest things that wind us all up.

Sorry if sound barking, but that's what I do. Brilliant subject though, & something we can all relate to even Mother Tersa if she was here. I do think it is best to aknowledge anger though, bottling it up is dangerous, can come out when we least expect it. Can become rage.

Thanks Paul.
I use pan-pipes and Tai-chi when I'm tired and need a bit of a boost or when I'm getting annoyed - works for me!

I also make soap or jewellery or potter in the garden if it's dry outside!
Basically anything that I enjoy and will divert the anger! Image

Don't get me wrong - I sometimes lose my temper too especially after a real heavy night and I'm totally knacked, patience can be a tad thin then but mostly it works!
marie x
Very badly Image but it's over quickly and the worst thing to deal with is the guilt. no matter whether it was right to get angry or not, I feel guilty that I can always walk away and calm down I dont have to live with the the actual reality of being ill or disabled. A cares lot is not always a happy lot but I try to remember and understand the frustration felt all the time by my wife. Image
I remember being so angry with my youngest daughter years and years ago that I kicked her bedroom door. My foot went straight through and I spent the rest of the day absolutely terrified as to what her father would say to me for breaking the door! She knew that too and every time she looked at me that day she sniggered, which made it even worse!!!

Now many years later and married to Tony I rarely get angry. Upset frequently, frustrated by other people very often and confused - always! Tony will never argue which can be frustrating in itself as I like to have the last word but its neigh on impossible when the other person won´t say a word!

Like John, Tony says that since his son died he can´t see any point in arguing over silly, insignificant issues. I have no doubt whatsoever that they are right......but if all fails, I eat!
I tend to go for a long walk. We'e recently got a dog, he's 9 months old now, he's only little but he's been on some huge walks, poor thing Image