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Advice anyone re moving house with elderly bedridden mum!! - Carers UK Forum

Advice anyone re moving house with elderly bedridden mum!!

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Hello all

I'm the carer for my mum, aged 84, with dementia, heart disease, diabetes etc (the usual stuff).

We're being evicted on Wednesday from our flat, as I went bankrupt because I was no longer able to work due to looking after mum, so our Landlord wants me out, we've been to court and got to be out by the 20th - and still nowhere to go, as the Council haven't got anywhere apart from a Travel Lodge Room somewhere out of our area. The Council tell me to stay here until the Landlord gets the Court Bailiffs in (not high court), as we're not technically homeless until the Bailiffs get us out!

I've been trying to rent somewhere privately, but because I'm a full time carer, and am bankrupt, no where wants to risk it! (even though we'd be getting housing benefit and mums disability pensions etc).

Anyway, whatever happens, I'm going to have to move Mum from a first floor flat, to a vehicle, and then to somewhere eventually. Thing is, she's bedridden, can hardly walk at all (very weak, falls, etc) and has a very weak bladder and bowels, so needs to go about every half hour. I don't own a car.

Does anyone who of any organisations who could help move her with me? I'd need a couple of strong people who could help her, and she'd probably have to go on a chair to be carried down the stairs, and then onto wherever we end up, and help her into the new place.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi Jane ... harrowing to say the very least ... speed , practical help and sound advice ... in all one ... SHELTER ! :


Help available online / by phone :


Strongly recommend that you contact them as soon as you can.

Not unknown for them to provide actual bodies to help when the dreaded deed is done.

If they cannot provide a temporary solution ( In conjunction with your local LA ) , they will know someone who will.

The LA should provide you with essential vouchers for food and other necessities , if needed. Again , any hassle , mention to Shelter , they carry some weight !!!

Keep us posted ... this situation happens all too often , and goes unrecorded on forums such as this one.
Jane, I would leave Mum exactly where she is - having informed her GP and the social services and the local council and the courts.


They will HAVE to 'take her into care'. (temporarily at least).

If YOU move her, she will be your responsibility. Make it THEIRS.

Also, alert the editor of your local newspaper, and ask for a journalist to be present the day the sherrifs arrive. Film it with your phone and post it to you tube and any social media you can think of, plus any websites.

Also, write NOW to your MP, by email, urgently, describing the situation.

Phone Shelter now for YOU, but NOT FOR YOUR MUM.

This is a TOTALLY appalling situation and shows just how hazardous it is to jeopardise our own income in order to look after elderly parents. It's dreadful that it's come to this, just dreadful.
Remember, you have NO legal duty of care towards your mother! Make that work in your favour, and hers.

Just 'walk away' and the council etc then HAVE to 'do something'.